talk trash (about sb) (to say rude or offensive things about someone else) -- хаять, обхаивать; ...


[поливать грязью]
[badmouth sb ]
[drag sb's name through the mud]
mudsling, be engaged in mudslinging
dish the dirt on sb

ХА́ЯТЬ, хаю, хаешь; несов., перех. (сов. охаять). Прост. Неодобрительно отзываться о ком-, чем-л., порочить кого-, что-л.

little did I know

little did I / you / he know (used to introduce something someone didn’t know but would have liked to) — я/он/ ты и не подозревал, что; даже и не подозревал, что

Example: You thought your wallet was lost, but little did you know, it was in your pocket the whole time!

follow in sb's footsteps

follow in sb's footsteps AND follow in the footsteps of sb(take up the same career, lead the same kind of life as one's father / uncle) — пойти по стопам кого-л.; последовать примеру

follow the example of sb
follow suit (mimic the action of another person; to perform an action similar to what has preceded; as in, When she walked in, John left the room and his wife followed suit. (freedictionary.com)

open mind

keep an open mind (about sth) AND have an open mind (about sth) (to wait until you know all the facts before forming an opinion or making a judgement ) — иметь напредвзятое мнение, объективное суждение; судить непредвзято, объективно; составить собственное мнение; не делать поспешних выводов

Example 1: You've got to keep your mind open.

Example 2: Toby might not be guilty - you should keep an open mind until after his case is heard in court.

[think outside the box]

it's dogged that does it

it's dogged that does it AND it's dogged as does it (it's persistance that acomplishes something) — {только упорному (такое) под силу}; ≈упорством многого можно добиться; ≈терпение и труд всё перетрут

Example 1: He'll pull through because he's so dogged. It's dogged as does it. — Человек он упорный и из этого дела выпутается. Упорством ведь многого можно добиться.(A. Trollope, ‘The Last Chronicle of Barset’, ch. LXIX) {Кунин}

Example 2: .....

dogged — marked by stubborn determination.

from the sublime to the ridiculous

from the sublime to the ridiculous (from something fine and uplifting to something ridiculous or mundane; from something that is very good or very serious to something that is very bad or silly) — от великого до смешного; ≈ начать за здравие — кончить за упокой

Example 1: From the sublime to the ridiculous the distance is never more than a step. At times the two almost rub shoulders. — От великого до смешного только один шаг, как известно. А иногда и того нет.

eternal triangle

the eternal triangle ( a situation of emotional conflict in which two men love the same woman, or two women love the same man) — любовный треугольник

Example: ....

what is worth doing at all is worth doing well

What is worth doing at all is worth doing well

Поспешишь - людей насмешишь;
Не умеешь - не берись

Haste makes waste

not worth the paper it’s written on

not be worth the paper it’s written on {of a contract, etc.} (to not be legally valid) — ≈ выеденного яйца не стоит (об обещании, заявлении, документе и т. п.); ≈ этим только подтереться можно; (досл: "не стоит бумаги, на которой это написано")

Example: “A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.” (jk)

[hot air]


steal sb from sb — увести (девушку, парня, жениха) у кого-л.

steal a girl from sb

day in court

to get / have one's day in court (to get an opportunity to give your opinion on sth or to explain your actions after they have been criticized; a chance to be heard; an impartial he

сводить на нет

accidents waiting to happen

an accident waiting to happen and a disaster waiting to happen (а thing or situation which is almost certain to eventually lead to an accident) — до добра не доведет;

cut and dried

cut-and-dried AND cut and dry (1.if a decision or agreement is cut-and-dried, it is final and will not be changed || 2.

down to the short strokes

down to the short strokes and down to the finishing strokes (approaching the end of a long process; nearly finished a job, almost completed a task) — вот-вот заверш

stuff one's face

stuff one's face (with) (eat a lot of something) — есть в больших количествах; наедаться; набивать брюхо

pig out

pig out (on sth) (eat a lot of something; eat large amounts of food quickly and without good manners; to overeat ) — есть в больших количествах; наедаться; набивать брюхо

Example 1: I should have been going to the gym, but instead I was thinking, like, " Last supper! " so I pigged out on all this junk food. I'm getting healthy again.

Example 2: I pigged out on pizza so I don't have room for lunch.

Example 3: Just last year she became a vegan, while the rest of us were pigging out on Lucky Charms and hamloaf.

get one's act together

get (one's) act together (get organized; organize your activities so that you do things in an effective way) — хорошо подготовиться; спланировать работу; привести в порядок ; || с

cut above sb

be a cut above something / someone (be better than other things or people.) — намного лучше; превосходить по качеству

play up to sb

to play up to sb (try to gain the favour with sb; curry favor with sb, flatter) — лебезить перед кем-л.; заискивать; пресмыкаться, подлизываться

Example 1: There's no use playing up to the boss; it doesn't influence him. (answers.com)

Example 2: It's no good making up to your influential brother, he won't help you. He doesn't welcome being made up to. — Бесполезно лебезить перед твоим влиятельным братцем: он не будет помогать тебе. Ему не нравится, когда перед ним пресмыкаются/заискивают.

[kiss up to sb]

as a handbrake on a canoe

as much use as a handbrake on a canoe (used to describe someone or something as worthless or pointless) — как собаке пятая нога, как рыбе зонтик, как пятая спица в колеснице

see also
[like a fish needs a bicycle]
[fifth wheel of the coach]

с чем это едят?

отложить в долгий ящик

[put sth on the back burner]
[kick sth into the long grass]

to table sth (to lay smth (a proposition / bill / discussion) away for further deliberation with the view of never bringing the matter up again) {AmE}

They tabled the social security enhancement proposition saying it was too expensive on tax payers.

на голом энтузиазме

[under one’s own steam]

One cannot get by on sheer enthusiasm alone — На голом энтузиазме долго не протянешь.

[labour of love]

ткнуть носом

тж. тыкать носом
[rub it in]
rub one's nose in

раскусить кого-л

[have sb's number]

see sb for sth (to realize what someone or something is really like, especially when this is worse than they appear to be) —

Example 1: I can now see her for the liar she really is. — Теперь мне ясно / я раскусил, какая она на самом деле лгунья.

Example 2: He finally saw her for what she was.

set the scene

set the scene (for sth) (if you set the scene for something, you make it possible or likely to happen) — расставить декорации (для), подготовить сцену; подготовить почву (для), создавать благоприятную обстановку
see also

at a stretch

at a /one stretch (continuously or without any interruptions) — без перерыва, не останавливаясь, не переводя дыхания, одним духом, в один присест, подряд

Example: work for six hours at a stretch — работать шесть часов подряд

[in a row]

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