не давать покоя

haunt sb
haunt sb's mind
prey on sb's mind

см. в статье
[prey on sb's mind]

держать на коротком поводке

keep a tight reign on sb/sth (control sb/stn firmly; allow only a little freedom) — держать на коротком поводке (= контролировать, подчинять)


have / keep sb on a short / tight leash

Related vocabulary:
[wrap around one's finger]
have in the palm of one's hand
[walk all over sb]
[lead by the nose]

the best is the enemy of the good

The best is the enemy of the good – Лучшее – враг хорошего

[от добра добра не ищут]

foot in the door

a foot in the door — начало пути, начало успеха

get / have / put one's foot in the door (take the first step in a process; achieve a starting position where people will take you seriously) — не давать захлопнуть перед собой дверь; сделать первый шаг, расчищая себе путь; пролезть

knuckle down

knuckle down AND buckle down (to apply oneself earnestly to a task; focus; concentrate; commit to getting something done) — взяться за дело; серьезно отнестись к какому-л. делу; ≅ засучить рукава; ~ взяться за ум наконец (контекст)

Example 1: Tania used to party all the time, but lately she’s been trying to buckle down.

under one's breath

under one’s breath (softly, in an undertone or whisper) — тихо, шепотом; еле слышно

Example: "I can't stand one more minute of that music," she muttered under her breath.

что в лоб, что по лбу

it is as broad as it is long (it makes no difference which way you look at it, approach it or deal with it, etc) — что в лоб, что по лбу; ~ те же яйца, только в профиль

Related vocabulary:
[six of one and half a dozen of the other]
[as bad as each other]
[одного поля ягоды]
[одним миром мазаны]
[no matter how you slice it]

at the end of one's rope

at the end of one’s rope AND at the end of one’s tether (at the limits of one's resources, abilities; out of options;|| desperate) — зайти в тупик; быть в безвыход

fifth wheel of the coach

fifth wheel of the coach — (нужен как) собаке пятая нога (телеге пятое колесо)

see also
[как рыбе зонтик]
[fish needs a bicycle]


where there's a will there's a way

Where there's a will there's a way

something that you say which means it is possible to do anything if you are very determined to do it

Example: I don't quite know how I'm going to get to Istanbul with no money, but where there's a will there's a way!

Возможные варианты:
≈ Дорогу осилит идущий
≈ Терпение и труд все перетрут
≈ Когда хотят ищут пути, когда не хотят ищут причины.)
≈ Где хотение, там и умение

see also
[it's dogged that does it]

on and off

on and off AND off and on {reversible} (occasionally; erratically; now and again ) — урывками, не систематически, бессистемно

иметь зуб

[nurse a grudge]

Example: Perhaps a neighbour's guest parked in your parking space, it would be petty but you could bear a grudge against them, if it made you unfriendly towards them. — Возможно, гость соседей припарковался на вашей стоянке, пусть мелочь, но вы можете иметь на них зуб, если этот инцидент настроил вас против них.

See also
have an [ax to grind] 2
[nurse a grudge]
[затаить обиду]
[chip on one's shoulder]

be-all and end-all

a be-all and end-all (essential element; supreme issue; entire purpose) — суть, самое главное; смысл, цель

put sth on the back burner

to put sth on the back burner (If you put sth on the back burner, you are not dealing with it at present, but it has not been completely forgotten and can be taken care of la

take it or leave it

Take it or leave it. (if you don't like it, don't eat it; if you can't stomach it, leave it alone) — не нравится - не ешь; не нравится - не бери; не нравится - не соглашайся; не нравится -- не слушай и т. д.

Example: It's 10 bucks an hour. Take it or leave it. — 5 долларов (грин) в час, и все. Не нравится - никто не держит. Не нравится -- уходи.

said when a person starts making objections to your final say and you don't feel like giving in to his/her persuasion.

терпение и труд все перетрут

[it's dogged that does it]
[where there is a will there is a way]

Practice makes perfect

Constant dripping wears away the stone
Little strokes fell great oaks
Rome was not built in a day
Slow but sure wins the race

pave the way

pave the way (to be the first to do smth; to pioneer) --подготовить почву для чего-л; ~ cтать первой ласточкой; проложить дорогу

see also
[set the scene]
[blaze a trail]

on the forefront of one's mind

on the forefront of one's mind -- (навязчиво) крутиться в голове

I heard this song and ever since it's been on the forefront of my mind.

see also
[одно на уме]
[не давать покоя]

сердце не лежит

У него не лежит сердце
He isn't in the mood to do sth
he doesn't feel like doing sth

[это не ко мне]
[you can count me out!]

..........Душа не лежит

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