let oneself go

let oneself go (stop caring about how you look, gain weight,etc) —перестать следить за собой вовсе, распуститься, опуститься, махнуть на себя рукой, поставить на себе крест (в смысл

go to seed

go to seed and run to seed (to stop taking care of your appearance so that you no longer look attractive;to get into a much worse condition) — махнуть на себя рукой


a cuckold {dated} (a man married to an unfaithful wife; a man whose wife has committed adultery, often regarded as an object of scorn; the husband of an adulteress, ofte

воздушный поцелуй

blow sb a kiss and blow a kiss to sb (to kiss your hand and then pretend to blow the kiss towards someone) — послать кому-л. воздушный поцелуй

не с той ноги встал?

Ты что, не с той ноги встал?
Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?
(Looks like he/you) woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
Did you crawl out of the wrong side of the cave this morning?

go postal

go postal (on sb) (to go mad, especially from stress; to become very angry, or to suddenly behave in a violent and angry way, especially in the place where you work; go beserk) — озве

screw up

screw up {very informal} ( to make a serious mistake, or to spoil something, especially a situation) — все испортить, облажаться, лажануться; напортачить; ~ наломать дров

see eye to eye with sb

see eye to eye (with sb) on/about sth also
see eye-to-eye (with sb) on/about sth

cry wolf

cry wolf (to ask for help when you do not need it; to give a false alarm; to cry or complain about something when nothing is really wrong) — бить ложную тревогу, поднимать ложную тре

silver bullet

a silver bullet (a simpe or quick remedy for/solution to a thorny / difficult / intractable or long-standing problem; something that acts as a magical weapon; especially one that in


дурка, дурдом, психушка

article of faith

an article of faith (with sb) (a very basic belief not to be doubted; a deeply held belief; an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence) — догмат веры; то, ч

shoulder the blame

shoulder the blame
take the blame
(to assume the responsibility of ) — взять на себя вину, нести ответственность, винить себя; взвалить вину на себя

упаси бог

God/Heaven forbid (that…) {informal}
Used to express a fervent wish that something does not happen (to say that you hope that something will not happen)
Упаси бог!

nickel-and-dime to death

nickel-and-dime sb to death (to charge, little by little, until one has no money left; to drain with many little charges; to drain a person of his money bit by bit; to eat away at o

fall through the cracks

fall through the cracks
slip through the cracks

The best fish swim near the bottom

The best fish swim near the bottom
Meaning: The best things are hard to come by. The finest things are hard to get. One has to take high risk to get big achievements in life.

bad omen

a bad omen and an ill / evil omen (a bad sign which indicates that, when a bad thing happens, something even worse is going to happen; a sign that something bad or

hung up about sth

be hung-up (about/on sth) (having a hang-up; obsessively or exclusively interested in) — быть зацикленным на чем-л.; иметь пунктик, заморочку по поводу чего-л.


сачковать, сачок

Slacking Off
28 September 2012

put your own house in order

Put your (own) house in order! and Get your (own) house in order!(Solve your own problems. Organize your affairs.

шито белыми нитками

(обвинение / доказательство) шито белыми нитками (literally, sewn with white thread) refers to the white thread used for basting (для наметывания, наметки).


take a leak {very informal!} (to pass liquid waste out of the body; to excrete urine;to urinate) — отлить (разг.), помочиться; пописать

in dire straits

be in dire straits and be in desperate straits (to be in a very bad or difficult situation, especially one involving a lack of money) — быть/оказаться в отчаянном, б

коту под хвост

коту под хвост, псу под хвост (без пользы, без толку)
(go) down the drain
(go) down the chute
(go) down the tube(s)


take the lid off sth

lift/take the lid off sth {Of is usually retained before pronouns.} (to reveal a set of previously concealed problems) — сорвать завесу, покровы с чего-л.; разворошить что-л.

turn to jelly

turn to jelly and feel/be like jelly{of legs or knees} (to suddenly feel weak because you are frightened, nervous or ill) — стать ватными, подкоситься

shoulder to cry on

a shoulder to cry on (used to describe a person who listens to your problems and gives you sympathy) — жилетка

cry on sb's shoulder

lend an ear

lend/give an ear (to sb/sth)

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