on starvation rations

on starvation rations

Example 1: He placed his trainee on starvation rations.

Example 2: If you can get food and water in a certain place, why would you choose to go to another place where they only give you starvation rations?

Example 3: The detainees were fed starvation rations once a day, with little time to eat.

Example 4: Alas, Sight and Sound magazine (in its May 2003 edition) reported that the horse was put on starvation rations to look thin.


get/be plastered (to get really drunk) — сильно напиться; напиваться в хлам; надраться

Example 1: I got rid of him because he got plastered every day on the job.

come on in

Come on in! (enter) — входите!; войдите

Example 1: Сome on in, the door is open!

Example 2: If nobody answers the door when you ring tonight, just come on in.

"Come on in" is a more conversational way of saying "come in"

get cold feet

cold feet (a wave of timidity or fearfulness) — волна страха; внезапный приступ робости, страха или паники

chicken out

be chicken — трусить, перепугаться
chicken out (be too afraid to do something; back out from fear, lose one's nerve) — выйти из игры, грозящей неприятностями; пойти на попятный

Example 1: He chickened out of climbing up the tree. (Mюллер)

Example 2: In the end I chickened out and took the easier route down the mountain. (Answers.com)

Example 3: ...seemed to exhibit courage, manliness, and conviction when others chickened out (J. R. Seeley)

Chicken is a popular synonym for "cowardly"

wasn't born yesterday

I/he/she wasn't born yesterday! (something that you say in order to tell someone that a person is not stupid and cannot be easily deceived) -- не лыком шит; не вчера родился; не первый раз замужем;

Example 1: You'd better think of a better excuse about the dent in my car. I wasn't born yesterday, you know! (CIDI)

Example 2: You can't expect your mother to believe that - she wasn't born yesterday!(CIDI)

see also

[nobody's fool]
[не лыком шит]

need sth yesterday

need sth yesterday (need something urgently) -- срочно

I need it yesterday (an informal way to say it is needed immediately) -- нужно еще вчера

Example 1: "Can I send that report to you later this afternoon?" "No! I need that report yesterday!"

Example 2:
A: Our customer is waiting for the shipment.
B: I didn’t know that. When do they need it?
A: They need it yesterday. They cannot proceed until they receive the shipment.

see also
[yesterday wouldn't be too soon!]


crack under pressure

crack under pressure (reveal information that one normally would not reveal) — расколоться, просыпаться; разболтать || срываться; испытывать нервный срыв

Example 1: Criminals crack under pressure when law enforcement officials need information. (David W. Miller)

Example 2: Prisoners of war often crack under pressure.(David W. Miller)

Example 3: I don't expect a lot from the babies, because they sometimes crack under pressure, like today.

see also
[spill one's guts]

[crack up]

сatch one's second wind

сatch/get a/one's second wind AND сatch/get one's second breath (to get a final burst of energy; to suddenly have new energy to continue doing something after you w

out on a limb

out on a limb (alone and without help or support; ) — в шатком положении; в рискованном положении; в опасном положении; затруднительном положении; под угрозой, под ударом; без опор

have too much on one's plate

have (got) a lot / enough / plenty /too much on one's plate (have a lot of things to do or too much to cope/deal with ) — иметь массу дел; иметь уйму дел; дел по горло; дел выше головы; дел выше крыше; дел невпроворот; ~ забот полон рот; столько всего навалилось

Example 1: I don't want to get involved. I've got enough on my plate as it is, I don't need any more trouble.

Example 2: There are an awful lot of things on my plate right now, I could not take on any other obligation.

hasty climbers have sudden falls

hasty climbers have sudden falls

not just any old

not just any old + noun (not a typical, average or usual) — (это вам) не просто какая-нибудь...

Example 1: It's not just any old car. It's a Bently! — Это не проскто какая-то занюханная машинка — это бентли.

Example 2: Not just any old robbery, but one so unashamed and obvious that it is committed in broad daylight.

daylight robbery

a daylight / highway robbery — грабеж средь бела дня; форменная обдираловка; чистая обдираловка; откровенный, наглый грабеж (перен.)

a (real) rip-off

Example 1: What that plumber charges is daylight robbery /a real rip-off.

Example 2: It's not a fee — it's daylight robbery/a rip-off.


strike up a conversation

strike up a conversation (with sb) (start a conversation, usually with sb you don’t know too well) — завязать разговор: разговориться (контекст.)


Seriously I was baffled when one of my best students asked me what "тупить" meant in English?
My head started throbbing, oh god, I wasn't prepared for that!!!! I actually started тупить'ing myself.

eat sb out of house and home

eat someone out of house and home (eat too much, or incur expenses on the host) — объедать; пустить по миру своим обжорством или аппетитом;|| ~ есть за троих; ~есть за семерых; есть в три горла (контекст)

Example 1: I really can't put up with Eric's brother living with us - he's virtually eating us out of house and home. — Я больше не могу смириться с тем, что брат Эрика живет с нами. Он нас, можно сказать, по миру пустит своим аппетитом!

eat one's fill

eat one's fill AND fill up (on sth) (eat until one is satisfied, eat as much as one can) — есть досыта, наедаться; ~ есть досыта, до отвала; есть, пока лезет

turn the corner

turn the corner (pass/overcome the most difficult part of sth; the most difficult point of an illness)

have turned the corner (to have passed a critical point in a process) — миновать кризис; выйти из кризиса

Example 1: The patient has turned the corner. She should begin to show improvement now.

Example 2: The project has turned the corner. The rest should be easy. — ...критический/ напряженный период позади. Самое сложное позади.

see also
[break the back of sth]
[over the hill]

bite your tongue!

Bite your tongue! (Be sorry you said that!; Take back what you said!) — Попридержи язык! Возьми свои слова обратно! ~Типун тебе на язык! (контекст)

Example 1: Me a thief? Bite your tongue!

Example 2: Why do you say she will fail? Bite your tongue!

see also
[bite one's tongue]
[perish the thought]

airs and graces

airs and graces (false ways of behaving that are intended to make other people feel that you are important and belong to a high social class) — манерность, жеманство; выпендреж; ~ п

holy terror

a holy terror (a person who is feared; || a badly-behaved child) — ужасный человек, настоящая ведьма; бич божий; ужасный ребенок; наказание господне; сущее наказание

basket case

a basket case (one that is in a completely hopeless or useless condition) — развалина; ни на что не годиться (из-за плохого состояния — нервного, физического, экономического)

Example 1: After working a 12-hour day and then coming home and cooking dinner for her family, Nicole felt like a basket case. — ...Николь чувствовала себя в конец разбитой, выпотрошенной и ни на что не годной.

Example 2: "You look like a basket case!" "No wonder. I pulled an all-nighter working on my essay."

tough time of it

have a tough time (of it) AND have a rough time (of it) (to experience a time of stress or bad luck; to experience a difficult period) — переживать тяжелые времен

dry spell

a dry spell (a period of time without success) — черная полоса, полоса неудач, полоса невезения

to have a dry spell (to go through a period of time when one is not getting what one wants) — попасть в полосу невезения; не везти

throw the book at sb

throw the book at someone (to charge someone with, or convict someone of, as many crimes as is possible; punish them as severely as possible; to punish or chide severely) — наказать по всей строгости закона; наказать по полной программе, на всю катушку; наложить самое строгое взыскание; || ~ всех собак навесить; ~ отыграться на ком-л.; ~ припомнить все; || резко упрекать; отругать как следует; сильно раскритиковать; || применять дисциплинарные меры в полном объеме (воен.), без поблажек

Example 1: They threw the book at Matt — he
got 195 years.
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