high on the hog

live high on/off the hog AND
eat high on/off the hog

wax and wane

wax and wane {mainly literary}
(to increase then decrease in strength, importance, etc. over a period of time) to increase and then decrease, as the phases of the moon

roof over one's head

(keep/ have /etc) a roof over your head (a place to live) — крыша над головый, жилье

Example: Some people are struggling to keep a roof over their head.

rough around the edges

(be) rough around/round the edges AND have rough edges ({of a person} to lack refinement, polish, manners etc.; be not very polite, educated etc.;|| {

go the distance

go the (full) distance (to finish something you have started; to continue until something is finished, no matter how difficult it becomes; to complete a course of action) — доводить

по понятиям

≅ (There is) honour among thieves (saying)
Used to say that even criminals have standards of behaviour that they respect.

do credit

do sb credit AND do credit to sb/sth (if something does credit to a person or an organization, they deserve to be praised for it) — делать кому--л.

сам себе хозяин

[one's own person]
Also, be one's own man/ woman
[law unto oneself]
[твёрдо стоять на ногах]
call the shots / call the tune at
[call the shots]

give the bum's rush

give sb the bum's rush — выставить, вышвырнуть за дверь; гнать, выгнать поганой метлой; выставить взашей; гнать, выгнать в три шеи; дать от ворот поворот


зубрить, зубрежка
cram (prepare (students) hastily for an impending exam) — зубрить
cramming — зубрежка

get nowhere fast

get nowhere (fast) AND not get anywhere (to make no progress) — ничего не добиться, ничего не достигнуть, не добиться своего; не достичь цели; ≈потерпеть фиаско; ≈ то

tread water

tread water (to make no progress) (often cont.} — топтаться на месте; буксовать, пробуксовывать

Just the ticket

just the ticket AND
that's the ticket
(just the perfect thing; exactly what is needed) — самое то; то, что надо; то, что доктор прописал

get off on sth

get off on sth (enjoy greatly) получать удовольствие; тащиться, торчать от чего-л ( в значении получать удовольствие)

moral high ground

claim the moral high ground (to say that you are morally better than sb else) — претендовать на моральное превосходство; выказывать свое превосходство

draw a blank

draw a blank (fail)
You draw a blank when you attempt to recall something and fail, or when you try to come up with a solution to a problem and can't think of one.


Moonshine (meaning illicit distillation) is a very high proof, often 190 proof (95% alcohol), distilled spirit.

also called

thumb a lift

thumb a lift (hitch-hike) — голосовать (на дороге), чтобы ехать на попутке (попутной машине)

travel light

travel light (travel with very little luggage) — путешествовать налегке

Example: I decided to travel light and just took a few items of clothing.

off the charts

off the charts also
off-the-charts (exceeding the normal range of measurement; difficult to measure; extraodinarily out of the norm;

slack off

slack off (not work hard, be lazy) — лениться, лентяйничать; отлынивать от работы; сачковать, филонить (сленг.)

The stars aligned

The stars aligned.
The stars aligned nicely.
(When the stars align, everything comes together in a positive way) —

same old story

the same old story AND the same old rigmarole (a frequently recurring event or situation) —старая история, старая песня;
≅ Свежо предание!

Crime doesn't pay

Crime doesn't pay

≈ преступление никогда не оправдывается
≈ преступление себя не оправдывает
(невыгодно совершать преступление, себе дороже)

in the ballpark

be in the (right) ballpark (not calculated exactly but within the correct general range; close to the right amount) — где-то так, столько; примерно (приблизительно) ; в районе (разг

крик моды

the latest rage and all the rage (in current fashion; being a current fad)

You're only young once

You're only young once.
(young people should enjoy themselves as much as possible, because they will have to work and worry later in their lives)
≅ Гуляй, пока молодой.


can't get enough

can't get enough of sth (to enjoy something so much that you want more and more of it; to like something very much and want a lot of it)

You're the doctor

You're the doctor. (You are in a position to tell me what to do; I yield to you and your knowledge of this matter)
≅ Тебе виднее.
≅ Тебе лучше знать;
≅ Как скажешь.

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