the third wheel

The "third wheel" refers to the person who is the outsider when there is a group of three. — третий лишний

Example 1: "You two go on ahead without me. I don't want to be the third wheel."

Example 2: "Missy and I were going to go to the dance with another couple, but when I got sick she decided to stay home also. She didn't want to be the third wheel."


уму непостижимо

It boggles the mind...
The mind boggles...

[boggle the mind]

cover one's tracks

cover one's tracks (up) (to conceal one’s trail; to conceal one’s past activities. ) — заметать следы

She was able to cover her tracks up so that they couldn’t find her.
The robber failed to cover his tracks.

get no change out of sb

get no change out of sb {UK, Au informal} (if you say that someone will get no change out of another person, you mean that person will not help them) — помощи не допроситься; помощи не дождаться; где сядешь, там и слезешь

Example: You'll get no change out of Chris. He'll just say it's not his problem. — От Криса помощи не дождешься. (CIDI)

[где сядешь, там и слезешь]

мурашки по коже

make one's flesh crawl (to cause someone’s skin to feel funny or get goose pimples through fright)

The queer noises in the old house made my flesh crawl.

give the gate

give sb the gate (to send someone away; to reject someone) — выгнать; выставить за порог, дать от ворот поворот; отшить

слово серебро, молчанье золото

Silence is golden. SAYING
said to mean it is often better to say nothing

according to one's own lights

according to one’s own lights (according to the way one believes; according to the way one’s conscience or inclinations lead one. (Rarely used informally.) — в меру своих способностей (возможностей); в соответствии со своими убеждениями; в меру своего разумения; в меру своего понимания; ~~ судить в меру своей испорченности (контекст.)

Example 1: People must act on this matter according to their own lights.

Example 2: John may have been wrong, but he did what he did according to his own lights.

[do as you think best]
[suit yourself]

think outside the box

think outside the box (to develop ideas that are different and unusual) — мыслить нестандартно, мыслить творчески; мыслить оригинально (~ латеральное мышление); ~ уйти с проторенных д

ноги моей там не будет

I wouldn’t set foot in her house! Not after the way she spoke to me.

go begging

go begging and go a-begging(to be unclaimed, unsold, unwanted or unused; as if an object were begging for an owner or a user) — лежать без дела; валяться без дела; пропадать; ~ бесхозный

Example 1: There is still food left. A whole lobster is going begging. Please eat some more.

give of oneself

give of oneself (be generous with one’s time and concern) — не жалеть ни времени, ни сил; не щадить ни времени, ни сиб; отдавать силы и время; не щадить себя; отдавать (всего) себя

махнуть на себя рукой

[go to seed]
[let oneself go]
запустить себя
перестать собой заниматься
опуститься (контекст)

пока не поздно

(get out /go / etc) while the getting is good AND while the going is good (leave a place at an opportune time) — (уходить, уносить ноги, пр) пока не поздно, пока е

с гулькин нос

то густо, то пусто

(either) feast or famine (either too much or not enough of sth)
be (either) feast of famine
have (either) feast of famine

Sometimes we are busy, and sometimes we have nothing to do. It's feast or famine.

This month is very dry, and last month it rained almost every day. Our weather is either feast of famine.

делу время, потехе час

~ Business before pleasure (you should finish your work before starting to relax and enjoy yourself)

I'd love to go to the beach with you now, but I have a few things to do in the office. Business before pleasure, you know.

There’s a time to work and a time to play.

суть дела

1. Суть дела в том, что... -- The point is...

2. the [meat of the issue]

[ближе к делу]

критическая ситуация

критическая ситуация
критическое положение
[worst case scenario]
[at worst]
[if worst comes to worst]
[touch and go]
[crunch time]
[when the chips are down]
[push comes to shove]

шальные деньги

fast / quick buck - quick or easy earnings; money earned quickly and easily (and sometimes dishonestly) — легко доставшиеся, шальные деньги;

заметать следы

[cover one’s tracks]
cover one’s tracks (up)


get knocked up


вскружить голову


[turn sb's head]
let it go to one's head
get a big head
have one's head turned by success

go to sb's head
let it go to sb's head

выйти на финишную прямую

be in the [home stretch]
in the home straight
(esp. BrE)
go into the [home stretch]
[down to the short strokes]
go to
[home stretch]


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