tough act to follow

a tough act to follow and a hard act to follow (so good that whatever happens next is not likely to seem as good; a performance that is not easy to equal) — труднодо

loud and clear

loud and clear (getting the idea; understanding clearly) — ясно, однозначно; недвусмысленно, открытым текстом, ~ черным по белому

all brawn and no brains

all brawn and no brains (big and strong and muscular but not very intelligent) — физически сильный, но умом не блещет

on sb's coattails

on sb's coattails (aided by association with another person)
If you achieve something on someone's coattails, you achieve it because of the other person's power or success.

out of hand

out of hand (without any more thought; without reservation or deeper examination) — сходу, без раздумий, с порога, без размышлений

out of the loop

out of the loop (about sth) (not having knowledge of or involvement in something; not aware of what’s going on, unaware of current news or culture) — быть не в курсе (происходящего, с


Just Your Average Ivan Six Pack
15 July 2011
By Michele A. Berdy

Обыватель: average person, pleb, hoi polloi


Быдло: A Mix of U.S. Rednecks and Russian Rabble
(sheep, sheeple, lemmings, cretins, rabble)


Чмо: Great Word for All Those Chumps and Dorks
(weirdo, wacko, bum, idiot, jerk,
etc. )

с глазу на глаз

разговор с глазу на глаз — a one-on-one conversation
поговорить с глазу на глаз — to talk to sb one-on-one (about sth)

пот градом

sweat like a pig
sweat buckets

[sweat like a pig]

line one's pocket

line one's pocket(s) (with sth) (to obtain money, especially by acting dishonestly; to take money freely and especially by dishonest means; to take money illegally to enrich yourse

feather one's nest

feather one's (own) nest (enrich oneself by taking advantage of one's position) — нагреть руки, набить себе карман; грести под себя; загребать под себя; хапать {просторечн.}


handwavy and hand-wavy {of a demonstration, proof, argument, or explanation} (unexplained, unfounded; almost magical in origin; missing important details o

no oil painting

be no oil painting {BrE, humorous} (to not be attractive) — не красавец, не красавица; не писаный красавец; не ахти какой красавец; не бог весть какой красавец; смотреть не

на ура

пройти на ура (о шутке, предложении, плане, презентации и пр.)
[go over big]
[go down a storm]

go down a storm

go down a storm (with sb) {BrE}
go down a bomb (with sb) {BrE}

at the hands of sb

at the hands of sb AND at sb's hands (because of someone's actions) — со стороны, от рук, по вине

behind closed doors

behind closed doors (in a secret meeting, only for insiders, in a room secured from outside intrusion) — за закрытыми дверями, за закрытыми дверьми; тайно


behind the scenes

behind the scenes (not done in public; hidden) — тайно, закулисно; ~ под шумок


state-of-the-art {adj}

не по карману

can't afford sth/to do sth
beyond one's means (= more than one can afford) — что-л. кому-л. не по средствам; не по карману

bad rap

a bad rap and a bum rap (an unfair judgement on something or somebody; a criticism or bad opinion that is not deserved or fair; an adverse opinion or judgment conside

give a bad name to sb

give a bad name to sb
Also, give sb / sth a bad name (spoil the reputation of somebody) — портить репутацию, не идти на пользу репутации чего-л. или кого-л.

let the genie out of the bottle

let the genie out of the bottle (to allow something bad or unwanted to happen which cannot then be stopped; to do something that causes a situation to change, so that it is no longer

тянуть лямку

toil away — горбатиться; ломаться (на нелюбимой или тяжелой работе); пахать; ~тянуть лямку

twist sb's words

twist sb's words (around)
(to restate sb's words inaccurately; to misrepresent what someone has said) — извращать смысл, передергивать; переиначивать (чьи-л. слова)

незнание закона не освобождает от наказания

Незнание закона не освобождает от наказания
Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

From Latin:

Друзья познаются в беде

Друзья познаются в беде.
In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends. (John Churton Collins)
A friend in need is a friend indeed

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