have what it takes

have what it takes — иметь подходящие /хорошие данные; иметь все необходимые качества, свойства, навыки, внешние данные, возраст, опыт, способности и т. д. (для какого-л. вида деятельности)

Example 1: Do I really have what it takes to make it as a professional photographer? Or should I be a scientist?

Example 2: He didn't have what it takes to win.

Example 3: You don't have what it takes to make such judgments.

nine days' wonder

a nine days' wonder AND a nine-day wonder (someone or something that causes interest or excitement for a short period but is then quickly forgotten) — злоба дня, кратковременная сенсация, предмет недолгих толков; ≅ калиф на час (контекст)

a one-day wonder, a seven-day wonder

Example 1: I would be delighted if other Earths harbouring intelligent life were discovered. For most people, however, it would be nothing more than a nine-day wonder (bbc.co.uk).

you've got another think coming

You've got another think coming AND You've got another guess coming (= You"ll have to rethink your position. The second part of an expression something like, "If you think so-and-so, then you've got another think coming." ) — ты очень ошибаешься; ты глубоко заблуждаешься

Example 1: If you think I'm going to pick up after you, you have another think coming. — Если ты думаешь, что я буду за тобой убирать, ты сильно ошибаешься.

Example 2: If she thinks I'm going to support her, she's got another think coming.

fall guy

a fall guy (someone who is punished or blamed for another person's mistake or crime; a scapegoat )

take the rap

take the rap for sth (take the blame or punished for something bad that has happened, especially when it is not your fault) — понести наказание за преступление, совершённое другим ли

quick fix

a quick fix (an easy and expedient solution to a problem that can be done quickly, but is not a good, esp.

told you so!

(I) told you so! (I warned you in advance, especially of a bad outcome. See - I was right! ) — А я что говорил?; Что я тебе говорил?; Ведь я говорил!; Вот видите — я же говорил!


see also
[так я и знал!]

thin edge of the wedge

the thin edge of the wedge AND the thin end of the wedge (a minor change that begins a major development, especially an undesirable one) — первый шаг к чему-л.

don't give me that!

Don't give me that! (something that you say when you do not believe an explanation that someone has given you ) — Не надо мне лапшу на уши вешать! Не надо ля-ля {просторчн., груб.}; Да ладно заливать-то!

Example: Don't give me that! I saw you with him, Karen - I drove right past you! (CID)

see also
[так я и поверил]

life and limb

life and limb (your life and physical health, used especially when this is threatened in some way) {formal} — жизнь, здоровье

Example 1: What on earth made you risk your life and limb by driving that fast?

Example 2: Diabetics are increasingly risking life and limb by cutting back on — or even going without — doctor visits, insulin, medicines and blood-sugar testing as they lose income and health insurance in the recession, an Associated Press analysis has found.

blaze a trail

blaze a trail AND blaze a path (to develop or do something new and important, or to do something important that no one has done before) — прокладывать путь в лесу, делая зарубки на деревьях; ≅ прокладывать путь (Lingvo); ≅ быть новатором

Example 1: It’s an innovative young company that has blazed a trail for others to follow (LDOCE).

Example 2: Poland blazed the trail of democratic reform in eastern Europe (LDOCE).

suit yourself

suit yourself (used to tell someone they can do whatever they want to, even though it annoys you or you think they are not doing the right thing){spoken} — делай (поступай) как хочешь, как удобно, как нравится, как знаешь

suit oneself (do as one pleases, be self-indulgent, pamper oneself) — действовать в соответствии со своими желаниями

Example 1: I wouldn't walk around that neighborhood at night, but if you really want to, suit yourself.

Example 2: 'Mind if I sit here?' he said gently. 'Suit yourself' (LDOCE).

tip one's hand

tip one's hand AND tip one's mitt (accidentally reveal one's intentions, opinions or resources) — проболтаться, проговориться, выболтать свои намерения, планы; случайно выдать свои планы, просыпаться

Example 1: The Justice Department wouldn't tip its hand by saying what its next move…would be (Coll.Dict)

Example 2: I couldn't ask without tipping my hand so I just waited her out, hoping to pick up what I could.

kiss and tell

kiss and tell (to publicly discuss private information about someone you know well, esp. about a sexual relationship with a famous person || disclose private or confidential information) — (публично) разглашать чужие личные или интимные подробности; публично пускаться в откровения по поводу (и на основе) своих интимных отношений со знаменитостями || откровенничать...

Example 1: She doesn't kiss and tell, not even in her new memoir. A real lady doesn't kiss and tell.

out of one's system

out of one's system (out of one's thoughts or inclinations)

on the blink

on the blink (not working properly) — амер. сленг 1) в плохом состоянии, не в порядке; 2) при последнем издыхании (Lingvo).

Example 1: My computer's on the blink again (LDOCE).

Example 2: Your link's on the blink (LDOCE).

Example 3: Your joke radar seems to be on the blink today (from a forum post).

[on the fritz]

hire purchase

(on) hire purchase {UK} (a way of buying expensive goods by regularly paying small amounts over a period of time (= on an installment plan {American English}) — пок

few and far between

Few and far between (to be rare) — немногочисленные и встречающиеся редко; ≅ днем с огнем не найти; днем с огнем не сыскать

look after number one

look after number one
look out for number one
take care of number one

quick trot through sth

(take) a (quick) trot through sth AND (take) a (brisk) trot through sth (examine or explain the whole of a subject, method or piece of work quickly without stoppin

listen up!

Listen up! {infml} — Тихо! Внимание!

Used for getting the attention of a noisy group of people and making them listen to what the speaker is going to say.

Example 1: Hey, listen up everybody!
Example 2: Okay, people. Listen up.

It's a little informal. A more polite way of saying this at a formal gathering would be

May I have your attention please.

at a snail's pace

at a snail's pace (very slow, very slowly) — черепашьим шагом; через час по чайной ложке

see also
[ползти как улитка]

test the water

test the water AND test the waters (try to discover what people think about an idea before you do anything about it, or try to discover what a situation is really like before you become very involved in it) — прощупать обстановку; прозондировать почву; разведать обстановку

see also
[probe the ground]

try one's luck

try one's luck (at sth) (try to see if you can do or win something; to attempt to achieve something where success requires luck although you know that you might not succeed ) — попытать счастья в чем-л.; рискнуть, попробовать

Example 1: I'm going to try my luck at the slot machines.

Example 2: My great-grandfather came to California to try his luck at finding gold. (McGraw-Hill Dict)

you can't unring a bell

You can't unring a bell (you cannot undo what has been done, so you must live with the consequences of your actions.) —
сделанного не воротишь; что сделано то сделано; ...

Example: I'm glad you apologized for what you said, but that doesn't really take the words back. You can't unring a bell.

see also
[слово не воробей — вылетит не поймаешь]
что написано пером, не вырубишь топором


what is done cannot be undone

what is done cannot be undone AND what has been done cannot be undone () — сделанного не воротишь; что сделано, то сделано

сделанного не воротишь

[what is done cannot be undone]
[you can't unring a bell]

слово не воробей, вылетит не поймаешь
что написано пером, не вырубишь топором

моя хата с краю

≅ I'm all right Jack -- ≅ моя хата с краю, (ничего не знаю)
{British English} informal

used to describe someone's attitude when they do not care about other people as long as they themselves are happy, comfortable etc

cм. также
≅ that's nothing to do with me;
it is no business / concern of mine

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