lick one's wounds

lick one's wounds (try to get your strength or confidence back) — зализывать раны


[on the sly]
on the sly (secretly) — тайно, без лишнего шума; тайком; не афишируя

Example: She's been going out with me on the sly. — Она встречается со мной так, чтоб никто ничего не узнал; не афиширует наши встречи

on the QT (= on the quiet)

Example: He got married on the QT — didn't even tell his mother. — Он женился тайком/~ втихомолку/ тайно — даже матери ничего не сказал.

сравни также:
[keep a low profile]
[under the table]

удобства во дворе

~ outdoor convenience (as in 'public convenience) - outdoor toilet in some regions which consists of a cesspool and a light (usually wooden) structure to ensure minimum comfort.

бабушка надвое сказала

Это (еще) бабушка надвое сказала.
it is yet unknown whether the event in question will happen or not (usually the implication is that it will not happen):

by hearsay

(know sth) by hearsay — знать что-л. от других (людей), понаслышке

at bay

hold at bay or keep at bay {fml}

pull a long face

pull/make a long face — помрачнеть, сделать мрачное лицо (ср.: лицо вытянулось)

по полной программе

по полной программе
на всю катушку
в полный рост

big time, to the hilt, to the max, to the maximum, to the utmost/ all out

up to the hilt
to the hilt


A подъезд is an entrance hall of a multi-storey house through which all inhabitants pass on the way to their apartments.

something's gotta give

something's gotta give
It's "Something has got to give." Or in informal talk "Something's gotta give."
Meaning that you have opposing forces at work, pushing against each other.

in one's own right

in one's own right
in her own right,

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