desert a sinking ship

desert /leave a sinking ship
(abandon a failing enterprise before it is too late) — бежать с тонущего корабля; покидать тонущий корабль
abandon ship

open mind

keep an open mind (about sth) AND have an open mind (about sth) (to wait until you know all the facts before forming an opinion or making a judgement ) — иметь напредвзятое мнение, объективное суждение; судить непредвзято, объективно; составить собственное мнение; не делать поспешних выводов

Example 1: You've got to keep your mind open.

Example 2: Toby might not be guilty - you should keep an open mind until after his case is heard in court.

[think outside the box]

get this show on the road!

Get this show on the road AND Get the show on the road (get sth started; put a plan into operation or begin an activity that has been planned; start an undertaking) — Ну, принимайся за работу/ за дело! Поехали! Давай берись за дело!

on good authority

on good authority — из достоверных источников, по достоверным сведениям

have (got) sth on good authority (be able to believe sth because you trust the person who gave you the information) — знать из достоверных источников, по достоверным сведениям

Example 1: I have it on good authority that Jill is going to resign.

Example 2: ...

see also
[из первых рук]

full of baloney

be full of baloney AND be full of boloney (be full of nonsense and bad information — a way of saying that someone does not know what he is talking about.) — нести че


(чепуха, глупости, вздор, чушь собачья {неодобр.})
drivel, nonsense, rubbish

nonsense (a message that seems to convey no meaning)

Из обратной связи

Из обратной связи:
А как правильно перевести с русского такое речевое выражение- " Для ловких рук и пытливого ума нет ничего невозможного"?

Похоже на [терпение и труд все перетрут], но не совсем.

talk sth up

talk something up (to describe somebody/something in a way that makes them sound better than they really are; to make something appear more important) — приукрашивать; выставлять в в

from the sublime to the ridiculous

from the sublime to the ridiculous (from something fine and uplifting to something ridiculous or mundane; from something that is very good or very serious to something that is very bad or silly) — от великого до смешного; ≈ начать за здравие — кончить за упокой

Example 1: From the sublime to the ridiculous the distance is never more than a step. At times the two almost rub shoulders. — От великого до смешного только один шаг, как известно. А иногда и того нет.

in your dreams!

In your dreams! {humorous} -- размечтался; мечтать не вредно; держи карман шире; ага, щас, разбежался;

something that you say to someone who has just told you about something they are hoping for, in order to show that you do not believe it will happen. In your dreams!

Example:'I've a feeling I'll win something on the lottery this week.' 'Dream on!'

see also
[fat chance]
[dream on]
[don't hold your breath]
[держи карман шире]
[ни малейшего шанса]

fat chance!

Fat chance! — держи карман шире

Example 1: Bring the trolley back or I'll shoot you now!" "Fat chance," Roland muttered.
(Earth by David Brin, 1990)

dream on!

Dream on! {humorous} — мечтать не вредно; мечтать не запретишь; размечтался; ага, щас

Something that you say to someone who has just told you about something they are hoping for, in order to show that you do not believe it will happen.

more sth than you can shake a stick at

more sth than you can shake a stick at (a very large number of something) — очень много, уйма, сколько угодно; не сосчитать; немерено; ≈конца-краю не видно; полным-полно; ≈(хоть) пруд пруди; непочатый край; навалом; ≈ (хоть) лопатой греби; ≈сколько душе угодно; ||≈мало не покажется;

Example 1: Well, cause it's Vegas, baby. Where else can you find a city built to house hundreds of thousands of people as well as a giant convention center and more party space than you can shake a stick at?

put a cork in it!

Put a cork in it! (Be quiet!) — Тише! Потише! Да не орите вы так!

This is a way of telling someone to be quiet. (UsingEnglish)

Example 1: Could you please put a cork in it?

Example 2: Jack, put a cork in it! I can't hear what she's saying.

see also


a (real) tomboy (a girl who acts and sometimes looks like a boy) — девчонка-сорванец с мальчишескими ухватками, замашками; мальчишка в юбке (редк.)

Example: She's a real tomboy. — Ей надо было родиться мальчишкой, она сорванец еще тот.

[holy terror]
[bane of one's life]
[сущее наказание]
[горе луковое]

drown one's sorrows

drown one's sorrows (get drunk or drink a lot to try to stop feeling unhappy) — топить горе в вине; заливать горе

Example 1: She drowned her sorrows in the bars.

there are plenty more fish in the sea

There are plenty more fish in the sea. (There are plenty of other people to meet.) — свет клином не сошелся

Used to say that there are many other people or possibilities, especially when one person or thing has been unsuitable or unsuccessful; often said to try to comfort (usually unsuccessfully!) someone who has just lost a partner.

Example: Don't cry over her — there are plenty more fish in the sea! — Не переживай так из-за неё — на ней свет клином не сошелся.

see also
[not the only pebble on the beach]

eternal triangle

the eternal triangle ( a situation of emotional conflict in which two men love the same woman, or two women love the same man) — любовный треугольник

Example: ....

too big for one's boots

too big for one's britches also too big for one's boots (conceited, self-important; thinks one is more important and powerful than he / she really is) — зазнаться, заважничать; задаваться; воображать; строить из себя; раздуться от собственной важности; (высоко) нос задирать

Example 1: Ever since his promotion, he's become too big for his boots.

Example 2: There's no talking to Jill anymore — she's just too big for her boots.


knock it off!

Knock it off! (stop doing something which is annoying you) — Ну хватит уже! Прекрати! Да перестаньте вы! Кончай! Перестань!

Example: Oh knock it off Jill, I'm really not in the mood for your jokes.(Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs)

see also
[cut it out]

cut it out!

Cut it out! AND Cut that out! (Stop talking or stop behaving in an annoying way) — Ну хватит уже! Прекрати! Да перестаньте вы! Кончай! Перестань!

Example 1: Just cut it out! I've had enough of your silly jokes.

Example 2: Cut it out! Can't you see I'm trying to work?

Example 3: Cut it out, you two! The last thing I want to hear is you guys arguing! (from Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs)

с точностью до наоборот

completely/totally different
(quite) the reverse /opposite
the exact opposite

не подарок

не подарок

1.(о человеке, характере)
difficult to deal with
no prize

Example: "What you need," Kristy said, "what you deserve, is a guy who adores you for what you are. Who doesn't see you as a project, but a prize. You know?"
"I'm no prize," I said, shaking my head.

put a spin on sth

put a spin on sth (to present a subject with a bias, so people will think what you want them to think; to twist or turn the truth to one's advantage,either slightly or more; to inter

free ride

a free ride (an easy time; participation without contributing anything) — халява; дармовщинка

bust a gut

bust a gut (to do sth) AND burst a gut (to do sth) (to work very hard or to make a big effort to achieve something) — надрываться, корячиться; переламываться; надрывать себе кишки; биться из последних сил; вкалывать вовсю; ишачить; корпеть; из кожи вон лезть (чтобы добиться чего-л)

Example 1: It's kind of sad to see these kids bust a gut chasing a dream that will never succeed.

Example 2: I really bust a gut to get that report finished on time. (CIDI)

pipe down

Pipe down! (used as a command meaning "Be quiet!" ) — Тише ты! Да замолчи! Заткнись! Не ори так! Угомонись! Утихомирься! (Угомонитесь! Утихомирьтесь!)

Example 1: Mudear, awakened by their quarreling on school mornings over space at the mirror, would yell down the hall, "Daughters! Pipe down there and take turns." Of course, it was easy for her to say. She had a bathroom all to herself. (Ugly Ways, Tina McElroy Ansa)
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