set tongues wagging

set tongues wagging {infml} (to do something that people will talk about in an unkind way; to cause people to start talking about somebody's private affairs) — вызвать то

Понедельник — день тяжелый

(It's) (just) that Monday morning feeling.
(if you have that Monday morning feeling, you are unhappy that the weekend has finished and you have to go back to work )

tie one on

tie one on (to get really drunk) — напиваться, напиться

Example: I think Steve went to tie one on. His girlfriend just dumped him.

tower of strength

a tower of strength (a person who can be relied on to give a great deal of support and comfort) — надёжная опора; человек, на которого можно положиться как на каменную гору {шекс

sb's rock

be someone's rock (be supportive; help someone through a difficult time) — быть опорой кому-л.; ≈ за кем-л. как за каменной стеной

как за каменной стеной

(за кем-л.) как за каменной стеной (о человеке, на которого всегда можно положиться или опереться)

[sb's rock]
[tower of strength]

safe as a church

ahead of the game

ahead of the game
(coming soon)

на живую нитку

(что-л. сделано) на живую нитку (о чем-л., сделанном в спешке, кое-как)

ирония судьбы

ирония судьбы — a/the irony of fate; a/an (ironic) twist of fate

turn sb's head

turn sb's head (to cause to become infatuated; ||to cause to become conceited) — вскружить голову

Love is blind

Love is blind.
Любовь слепа.
Любовь зла.
Любовь зла — полюбишь и козла.

burst sb's bubble

burst sb's bubble
prick sb's bubble

play for a fool

play sb for a fool AND play sb for a sucker {US} (to treat someone like a fool, especially by trying to get something from them in a way that is not fair;

first come, first served

First come, first served.
The first people to arrive will be able to get the best choices

you snooze, you lose

You snooze, you lose.
If you are not alert you will lose an opportunity.

on a collision course

be on a collision course

at one's mother's knee

learn sth /be taught sth at one's mother's knee (to learn something when you are a very young child) — узнать, усвоить что-л. с пелёнок; научиться чему-л.

с молоком матери

впитать с молоком матери или всосать с молоком матери

[at one's mother's knee]

с младых ногтей


a stowaway
(a fare evader, someone who jumps the turnstile or bypasses the ticket inspector and rides for free) -- заяц, безбилетник


делать деньги на чем-л.
make money out of sth
make money off sthXXX
{infml} () —


make money off sth {often implies an unscrupulous method of generating income} — наживаться на чем-л., делать деньги на чем-л.


twiddle one's thumbs

twiddle one's thumbs {infml} (to do nothing for a period of time, usually while you are waiting for something to happen; to be idle ) — бездельничать, лодырничать, слонять

at a loose end

be at a loose end AND
be at loose ends

pop the question

pop the question {infml} (to ask someone to marry you) — сделать предложение, предложить руку и сердце

apples and oranges

apples and oranges {esp.


карточка (продуктовая) —
food coupons — талоны на питание
ration books with coupons to exchange for foods

put lipstick on a pig

put lipstick on a pig
(make something look appealing when it quite clearly will not work)

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

off the rails

(be /go /run) off the rails {infml} (to start behaving strangely or in a way that is not acceptable to society; to be spoiled by bad management; to be in an abnormal or malfu

drunken debauchery

drunken debauchery (drunken, dissolute, decadent behavior) — пьянство, пьяные загулы; загулы по-пьяни; пьяные выходки, дебоширство

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