talk one's way out of sth

talk one's way out of sth (get out of a difficult situation by giving a clever explanation) — выкрутиться, извернуться, отговориться, отбрехаться (избежав неприятной для себя ситуации или работы);

Example: Whew! I think I managed to talk our way out of that one!

See also
[выйти сухим из воды]

glutton for punishment

a glutton for punishment (someone who seems to like working hard or eager to continue to do something difficult, unpleasant or unrewarding) {humorous (not derog.)} — человек, охотно берущийся за тяжелую или неприятную работу; работяга каких мало; настоящий работяга; работоголик в лучшем смысле этого слова; такому работу только давай; ему только подавай работу; сам не свой до вс

on the fritz

(be / put) on the fritz and on the blink (not operating; not operating correctly; not working in the usual way, or not working at all) — барахлить; не фурычить (=не работать); быть неисправным, испорченным (часто о приборах); быть никуда не годным;

Example 1: Our vacuum cleaner is on the fritz again. — Наш пылесос опять не работает.

gray area

a grey area {US} AND a grey area {UK} (unclear topic, vague statement; something without a clear rule or answer that is not clearly defined and needs careful judgement) — неясные моменты; область, в которой нет четких представлений; область неопределенных знаний; ~ темные места (контекст.)

Example 1: There are facts that are still in a gray area.

при чем здесь это?

What's that got to do with it?

"Come on, Darcy. Help me out," I coaxed. "What do you have to lose?"
"You don't even like me."
"You don't like me either. What's that got to do with it? We both hate Andy. That's the point. The guy's a shit-heel."
(Sue Grafton)

What's that got to do with anything?

on the level

be on the level (with sb) (be legally and morally acceptable; genuine and truthful) — действовать честно, вести честную игру; по-честному; ≅ по понятиям (контекст.)

Example 1: Are they on the level? — Им можно доверять? Они ведут честную игру?

Example 2: On the level? — Без дураков? Серьезно? А ты не треплешься?

wither on the vine

wither on the vine AND die on the vine (fail because of neglect or absence of action) ≈ (так и) не осуществиться; зачахнуть; ≈ сойти на нет || остаться на бумаге

Example: The idea nearly withered on the vine.

Example 2: The state program, once a nationwide model, is now withering on the vine.

a word in your ear

(Could I have / Let me have) a word in your ear ?
Something you say before you give some advice or a warning

Example: A word in your ear – the company are monitoring internet use.

see also
[have a word in sb's ear]

have a word in sb’s ear

have a word in sb’s ear (to talk to someone privately, especially in order to give them advice or a warning in private; give a brief message to a person in confidence) – поговорить или проинформировать не официально, намекнуть (предупреждение, совет, др. информация)

come to think of it

come to think of it — подумав, если вдуматься, по зрелом размышлении; уж если на то пошло

(when one) come(s) to think of it

Related vocabulary
on second thought(s)
(but) then again
but then (again)

It is a long lane that has no turning

It is a long lane that has no turning (=a run of bad luck will come to an end sometime and be replaced by good luck)
~ Будет и на нашей улице праздник

get a rise out of sb

get a rise out of sb (make a sb become annoyed or angry; to provoke an angry reaction from sb) — рассердить, вывести из себя кого-л.; злить кого-л., доставать (поддразнивая, подшучивая, разыгрывая); ~ прикалываться

Example: It's next to impossible to get a rise out of her. — Ее почти невозможно вывести из себя.

pip at the post

pip at (to) the post (to beat in a competition or race by a very small amount; to defeat someone whose success seems certain) {Brit & NZ slang} — обойти у самого финиша; победить на "флажке"; победить с минимальным перевесом; вырвать победу в последнюю минуту

score an own goal

score an own goal and shoot the ball into one's own goal (to make a mistake which has the opposite effect from what was hoped) — забить мяч в свои ворота; навредить самому себе

Example: The bank scored an own goal by introducing unpopular charges. They lost a lot of customers.

Related vocabulary
[вырыть себе яму]
[себе во вред]

one smart cookie

a smart cookie AND one smart cookie (someone who is clever and good at dealing with difficult situations) — толковый, хваткий, смекалистый; дельный; с умом; есть

can I have your John Hancock?

Can I have your John Hancock? {US} (=Can I have your signature?) — Подпиши, пожалуйста. Распишись.

Example: Just put your John Hancock on the dotted line. — Просто поставь свою подпись там, где пунктир.

lift the ban

lift the ban (to remove or rescind the ban by an official act) — {юр.} снимать запрет

Example 1: Time to Lift the Ban on Mobiles in the School Setting? (

up in arms

up in arms (angry, rebellious) — охваченный восстанием; готовый к борьбе; готовый к сопротивлению; в полной боевой готовности; возбуждённый; злой; готовый к бою; воинственно настроенный (Multitran)

Example 1: World's poor are up in arms over food prices. (

cookie cutter

cookie–cutter (marked by lack of originality or distinction {always used before a noun, also cookie cutter }) — шаблонный, трафаретный, стандартный, безлик

straw poll

a straw poll AND a straw vote (a small survey of opinion or ballot to find out what people think about an issue, esp. unofficial, casual, or ad hoc) — выборочный опрос общественного мнения (для выяснения настроения избирателей и т. п.)

to win / take / etc. a straw poll


kick sth into the long grass

to kick sth into the long grass {UK} (push a ticklish issue aside (or hide it) in the hope that it will be forgotten or ignored ) — отложить что-л. на неопределенный срок; ~ отложить в долгий ящик; ~ положить под сукно

skin sb alive

skin sb alive (to punish someone very severely) {humorously, UK} — три шкуры спустить, три шкуры содрать

Example: Dad will skin you alive when he sees this place!

Related vocabulary:
[rip sb a new one]
[pick to pieces]

[read the riot act]
[call sb on the carpet]
[throw the book at sb]

[задать жару]

swear like a trooper

swear like a trooper (to swear a lot {A trooper is a soldier with a low rank.}) ≈материться (ругаться) на чём свет стоит, ругаться как извозчик

good with one's hands

(be) good with one's hands (to be skilful at making or doing things with your hands)— рукастый, умеющий хорошо работать руками; имеющий хорошии руки; хорошие руки; ~руки из правильн

wind sb up

wind sb up ( trick someone by telling them something that is not true) {UK} || 2. to make someone angry or upset) – морочить голову, заливать, обманывать || заводить, злить, выводить из себя


Example: At first I thought they were winding me up.

Synonyms/related words for this meaning of wind up
[pull sb's leg]
[wind sb up]

skin and bone

(nothing but / all / only) skin and bone (extremely thin in a way that is not attractive or healthy) {infml} — кожа да кости; одни кости (остались) {о болезненно

blank out

blank out AND go blank ( to forget || to become unconscious) — потерять сознание, отключиться, вырубиться

Example 1: He let his mind go blank and kept on walking, thinking about nothing at all. (CDAI)

black out

black out (to pass out; to become unconscious; to stop being conscious) — отключиться, потерять сознание, jтрубиться, вырубиться

Example 1: I blacked out right after the accident. (CAI)

Example 2: After he hit me, I must have blacked out.

Example 3: I think I am going to black out.

Related vocabulary:
[blank out]

out like a light

(be/go) out like a light (fall asleep the moment one goes to bed, to faint or pass out from over-drinking or being hit hard enough to be rendered unconscious) — отключиться, вырубиться

Example 1: I was so exhausted that the moment I laid down I was out like a light.

Example 2: After just 2 beers she was out like a light.

jump down sb's throat

jump down sb's throat (to react angrily to something that someone says or does) — затыкать рот кому-л., перебивать кого-л. возражениями, запальчиво возражать, не давать кому-л. слова сказать; кидаться на кого-л.

Example 1: I made the mildest of criticisms and he jumped down my throat. (CALD)
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