The usual idiomatic expression is play truant, or (in the USA) play hooky which is a bit old-fashioned.

skive off

skive off {UK} (аvoid doing work or other duty; shirk) — отлынивать, увиливать от работы|| прогуливать; сачковать

щекотливое положение

It's a sticky situation (sticky — hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment; "awkward (or embarrassing or difficult) moments in the discussion"— щекотливый)

tie up loose ends

tie up loose ends (to deal with the minor consequences of a previous action; to tidy up, finish, or complete; finish a project, complete the last few details that need to be finished or explained in order for sth to be complete) —доделывать, хвостики доделать; кое-что доделать; совсем немного осталось

Example 1: Are you leaving soon? -I've just got to tie up one or two loose ends , then I'll be on my way. -- .. оталось еще кое-какие мелочи доделать.

John Hancock

John Hancock - личная подпись
John Hancock - a person's own signature
autograph, signature - your name written in your own handwriting

John Hancock - American revolutionary patriot who was president of the Continental Congress; was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence (1737-1793)

finishing touch

(put /give) a finishing touch (to sth) AND (put / give) a finishing stroke (to sth) (a small change or addition that serves to complete something; the final move, the act that completes the task) -- делать последние штрихи, отделывать что-л.; шлифовать; завершать, доводить до конца;

give /put the final (или finishing) touch(es) to

Example 1:She applied eye shadow and lipstick and as a finishing touch, forced earring wires through the virtually grownover holes in her lobes.

chance would be a fine thing!

Chance would be a fine thing! (British, informal) — Было бы не плохо; Твои бы слова да богу в уши.

something that you say which means that you would very much like something to happen but there is no possibility that it will.

He said I could do it in my spare time. Spare time? Chance would be a fine thing! (CIDI)

cut above sb

be a cut above something / someone (be better than other things or people.) — намного лучше; превосходить по качеству

put sb in their place

put sb in his/her place (remind you you’re not as important as you think you are) — поставить на место, окоротить

dyed in the wool

dyed in the wool AND dyed-in-the-wool {always before noun} (a person or a group totally dedicated to a particular cause or belief; a person who has fixed, u


work-shy (disinclined to work or exertion) — уклоняющийся от работы; сачок; ~ халявщик

Example: The unemployed are not necessarily work-shy.

swing the lead

swing the lead {UK} (pretend to be unwell so that you do not have to work; avoid doing one’s work, esp. by making up improbable or deceitful excuses; shirk one's labour; malinger) — увиливать от работы, отлынивать от работы, симулируя болезнь или выдумывая небылицы и т. п.; симулировать, прикидываться больным

Example: John phoned in sick, but I think he is just swinging the lead. He probably wants to watch the tennis final on TV.

Example 2: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her—she’s just swinging the lead.

To Make New Year’s Resolutions

В тему праздников вспомнилось. “On New Year’s Day (1 January) people make New Year’s resolutions. They decide to do something to improve their lives. For example, people decide to give up smoking or go to the gym once a week”.
~ новогодний зарок, новогоднее обещание самому себе.

Happy New Year, guys! :-)

ear candy

ear candy (music that is pleasant, beautiful music; kind words that praise and encourage sb) — приятная музыка; || похвала; бальзам на уши; любо-дорого послушать; заслушаться можно

dead wood

dead wood (people in a group or organization who are no longer considered useful or necessary, who not useful any more and who need to be removed) — балласт, обуза; бесполезные члены (группы, сообщества); отработанный материал (о людях)

pull a fast one

pull a fast one (on sb) (to successfully deceive someone) — надуть, наколоть; плутовать, жульничать, мошенничать; обманывать

Example 1: Most people who call in sick on Monday are pulling a fast one. (= pretend sth that is not true in order to deceive the employer)

Example 2: They sure pulled a fast one on you — Они меня здорово накололи.

sound out

sound out sb/sth AND sound sb out (about) (try to find out from sb what they think about sth, often in an indirect way; find out what someone’s opinion about something is) — расспрашивать (с целью прозондировать почву, выяснить косвенно то, что интересует); разузнавать; выспрашивать

Example 1: They decided to sound out her interest in the project.

Example 2: We should sound out the boss about getting a new coffee machine.

Example 3: I sounded her out about working for us but she wasn't interested. (CIDI)

don't come the innocent with me!

Don't come the innocent with me! -- не прикидывайся, что...; не делай вид, что не знаешь о чем речь ||не надо давить на жалость; не прибедняйся; не строй из себя (невинную жертву/ непризнанного гения/...); не надо мне тут изображать из себя (...) ;

Ann: I saw you leaving a restaurant with a beautiful girl.
Robert: Come off it! I don't know where you're coming from! What girl?
Ann: Don't come the innocent with me!

An informal spoken expression used for telling someone

С Новым годом!

С Новым годом,
дорогие старожилы, members and guests!

Hope you’ll have a fantastic 2009!
Счастья вам!

Заходите на огонек...

coming or going

not know if /whether one is coming or going and not to know what to do for the best (be in a state of mental confusion; feel very confused, usually because you have too many things to deal with) — растеряться; не знать, что делать; не знать, на каком свете находишься; ~ совсем потерять голову (от растерянности)


short-cut ({UK}) — кратчайший (легкий) путь

Example 1: When we were small, we used to take a short-cut over the fields to school, but now they've built a housing estate on the farm.

Example 2: Hard work, long hours, and lots of worry. When you are trying to build up a business, I'm afraid there's no short-cut to success.

[cut corners]
[quick fix]

sugar the pill

sugar the pill and sugarcoat the pill (make sth unpleasant seem more appealing or pleasant) — подсластить пилюлю; приукрасить, приукрашивать; лакировать

earn brownie points

earn brownie points and get brownie points (try to earn someone’s favor, i.e., a boss or spouse; to get praise or approval for something you have done) — набирать очки (перен.); добиваться расположения у кого-л.;

Example: I thought I might get some brownie points by helping to organize the party. (CIDI) — ... мне зачтется; пойдет в плюс

see also
[make points with sb]
[in good with sb]
[scrape acquaintance with sb]

in one's good books


All in a day's work

(It's) all in a day's work (nothing special, part of the routine; not extra work, just part of my duties, usu about sth difficult or strange) — это все в порядке вещей; дело обычно

tough row to hoe

(have) a hard row to hoe AND (have)a tough row to hoe (a difficult situation to deal with; a difficult course, hard work to accomplish) — стоять перед трудной задачей; испытывать огромные трудности, тяготы

Example 1: Teachers have a tough row to hoe in today's schools. (CIDI) — Учителю в современной школе приходится очень нелегко.

Example 2: A single parent has a hard row to hoe, working day and night. (WM)

have one's work cut out

have (got) (all) one's work cut out (for one) (to do sth) {often in future tenses} (have a lot of very difficult work to do; be facing an obviously difficult task, one which

can do worse

you/he/she/etc can / could do (a lot/much) worse than do sth (used to say that you think sth is a good idea or that someone should do something) — нет ничего лучше, чем ...; лучше

pull no punches

pull no punches (express disapproval without trying to be kind or polite; speak honestly about sth without caring about hurting sb’s feelings; criticize sth without reservation; make

Five-second rule

Выражение из заголовка довольно популярное; Вики говорит, что у нас тоже есть аналог: «In Russia the rule is formulated as simple as "Promptly picked up is not considered fallen"».
Не знаю, что имеет в виду Вики, но вчера я услышала фразу «Что упало у студента, то упало на салфетку» :) с тем же значением и решила написать её сюда. Может, пригодится кому.


to a fare-thee-well — по самое нехочу

Только что нашла в книге идиому, раньше не встречала, но по контексту легко догадаться, что она значит. Я умных книг не читаю, но и в сказках можно найти много интересного.

Контекст: They served very cheap wine, spiced and honeyed to a fair-thee-well to disguise how cheap it really was.

fare-thee-well (the most extreme degree)

Example: beat his opponent in the match to a veritable fare-thee-well.(thefreedictionary.com)
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