ditto (for me, too) (used instead of repeating something that has just been said to indicate that the same thing applies to you, that you agree with what someone has just said or that your feelings or wishes are the same as theirs) — и у меня так же самое / тоже; и я тоже, и мне то же / тоже; я тоже так думаю (любые вар-ты согласия или подтверждения)

spin a yarn

spin (sb) a yarn (to tell a story, especially a long drawn-out or totally fanciful one; to give someone a long detailed excuse or explanation that is completely false) — рассказывать

stand there with one's bare face hanging out

stand there with one's bare face hanging out (to stand some place looking helpless and stupid) — (стоять) как дурак, с идиотским / глупым выражением лица

Don't just stand there with your bare face hanging out. Say something. (thefreedictionary.com) — Да не стой ты как идиот. Скажи что-нибудь.

smoke and mirrors

smoke and mirrors (deceit and confusion; more style than substance) — очковтирательство, сплошной обман

done with mirrors

(all) done with mirrors (done by or as if by magic; done by deception and/or illusion)
≅ сплошное очковтирательство, надувательство

you don't keep a dog and bark yourself

You don't keep a dog and bark yourself (if you pay someone to do a job, or you have servants to do it, it makes no sense to do the job yourself) — досл. «негоже держать собаку, а лаять самому», т. е. нет смысла выполнять работу тех, кому за это платят, или работу своего подчиненного; ≅ не барское это дело

Related vocabulary
[не барское это дело]

feel it beneath one

feel it beneath one (to do sth) (to feel that one would be lowering oneself to do something) — ниже своего достоинства; ~ не царское / барское это дело

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
(One would like to undertake something but hasn't the energy or strength to do so)
Выше себя не прыгнешь.
Выше головы не прыгнешь.

bored to tears

be/get bored to tears AND be/get bored to death (be extremely bored; so bored that you feel sorry for yourself and are about to break-down and cry) — очень скучно;

set store by

set / put / lay (great / much) store by / on sth (to believe that something is very important or valuable; to have positive expectations or high hopes for someone or something) — высо

heart in the right place

have one's heart in the right place (be basically kind, have good intentions) — иметь хорошие, добрые намерения; быть добрым, отзывчивым человеком

Example 1: He may seem cold but his heart is in the right place.

carrot top

carrot top (a person with red hair) {slang} — сл. рыжий, рыжеволосый

Example 1: The Joys of Being a Carrot Top. (hubpages.com)

Example 2: Don't call me red; life as a carrot-top can be great, if you survive being called Bozo the Clown. (encyclopedia.com)

make short work (of)

make short / fast work (of) (to finish with someone or something quickly) — легко справляться (с чем-л.); в два счета расправиться (с кем-л.); отделаться (от кого-л.); быстро справиться / разделаться (с чем-л.)

Example 1: The children made short work of the ice cream. (yourdictionary.com)

пивной живот

пивной живот, пивной животик, брюшко
a beer belly
a keg (belly)

Example 1: If you didn’t drink so much beer, you wouldn’t have such a keg.

play hardball

play hardball (be extremely competitive often in an unfair manner; act aggressively and ruthlessly) — занять жесткую линию, занять бескомпромиссную / непримиримую позицию (особ. в политике); действовать жестко, бескомпромиссно, возможно, силовыми методами; ≅ пойти на принцип

can’t bring oneself to do sth

can’t bring oneself to do sth (be unable to do something because it is too unpleasant or embarrassing, or makes you too upset) — не в силах себя заставить сделать что-л. (о трудном или неприятном)

Example 1: He can’t even bring himself to talk to me.

Example 2: I saw the whole thing.

leave well enough alone

leave well (enough) alone
let well (enough) alone

wreak havoc

wreak / cry / make / play havoc (with) — разрушать; производить беспорядок, опустошение; разгромить, сорвать что-л.; нанести тяжёлый удар (от уст. воен. дать сигнал к резне, мародёрству; этим. ст.-фр. crier)

What if Nephilim were real, and their descendants are still among us, still wreaking havoc? (Mephisto Club)

рыба ищет где глубже

Рыба ищет где глубже, a человек где лучше.

Варианты, предложенные на efl.ru

При отсутствии эквивалента я бы просто перевел с пояснением "как у нас говорят": Man seeks a better fate like fish seek deeper water. Как-нибудь так.

How about:
Fish seeks where it's deeper, man seeks where ir's better.

rule of thumb

rule of thumb (a method or procedure derived entirely from practice or experience, without any basis in scientific knowledge; a roughly practical method; also, a particular stated rul

how far along are you?

How far along are you? (= How many months pregnant are you?) — Ты на каком месяце (беременности)?

A: I just heard that you're expecting. How far along are you?
B: Thanks. I'm three and a half months pregnant.

be far along (close to the point of time of giving birth)

head like a sieve

have a head like a sieve (have a bad memory) — память как решето; ничего не запоминается; ~ девичья память

have a short memory

with child

(be) with child (be pregnant) — быть беременной, в положении

Example: I heard a rumor that you're with child.

see also
[bun in the oven]

run riot

run riot AND run wild

on nodding terms

be on nodding terms with sb/sth AND have a nodding acquaintance with sb/sth (know someone slightly, just well enough to say 'hello' when you meet them; || know a little about sth) — шапочное знакомство; просто знакомые || иметь весьма поверхностное представление о чем-л.

against all the odds

(achieve sth) against all (the) odds (achieve sth despite the fact that you were not likely to succeed; despite very low probability; in a most unlikely way) — несмотря на все препят

what brings you here?

what brings you here? — Какими судьбами (здесь)?; Как тебя сюда занесло? Что тебя сюда привело?

Used to ask why someone is in a particular place

Example: What brings you here on a night like this? (LDOCE)


донос, доносить, доносительство, доносчик

jump the queue

jump the queue {UK}(to go to the front of a queue unfairly and not wait for your turn) — получить что-либо без очереди; пройти / влезть без очереди; обойти очередь

toss and turn

toss and turn (change one's position restlessly while trying to sleep; be unable to sleep because of worrying) — вертеться / ворочаться с боку на бок (не в состоянии заснуть)

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