дурное дело нехитрое

Accidents happen in a moment, but wounds take long
enough to get well
{English saying} — (досл. Аварии происходят в миг, а раны залечиваются долго)

"There's nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all" (Peter F. Drucker);
"The courage to rage and kill is cheap" (B.S.);


mess with sb

money to burn

have money to burn (have lots of money to spend) — иметь много денег; ~ денег куры не клюют

Example 1: ...
Example 2: She must have money to burn. Have you seen that new car she's bought? It must have cost a fortune. (SSQ)

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[денег куры не клюют]

денег куры не клюют

[money to burn]

loaded ( if sb is loaded they have lots of money)
Jim is loaded and always has lots of money.

have deep pockets
He can pay your legal fees. He's got deep pockets.

a moneybag

well–heeled ( having plenty of money)

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[денег как грязи]

bang-up job

(do) a bang-up job (a very successful piece of work; something done very well; something performed above average or better than expected) — первоклассный, превосходный

raise its (ugly) head

raise its (ugly) head OR rear its (ugly) head (if something unpleasant raises its ugly head, it becomes a problem that people have to deal with) — поднимать голову; (

hard to beat

(be) hard to beat or take some beating (be very good, or to be better than other things of its kind) — нет ничего лучше, чем...; трудно найти что-л.

take some beating

poor man's sth

а/(the) poor man's sth/sb (а less famous, less expensive, smaller or less satisfactory version of something or someone. The term does not necessarily imply inferiority, though it often does.) – "для бедных", простенькое, ширпотреб(ное) (т.е.

rub it in

rub it in and rub sb's nose in it (mention something repeatedly to annoy; to keep referring to something that the hearer does not want to be reminded of, usually b

beat sb's time

beat sb's time (obtain or achieve sth ahead of another, prevail over a rival; || start a romantic relationship with sb's partner, to compete for or win a person being dated or courted by another ) — увести, отбить (парня, мужа, невесту)

Example 1: He accused me, his own father, of trying to beat his time.

beats me

(it) beats me and (it) beats my time (=it surpasses my understanding; it leaves me puzzled or mystified) — понятия не имею; без понятия, выше моего понимания; ничего не понимаю!; просто ум за разум заходит

Something that you say when you cannot understand something

blaze of glory

a blaze of glory/publicity (a lot of public attention, often for a short time; a conspicuous display or outburst of something) — вспышка славы/популярности; всеобщее внимание

all guns blazing

(with) all guns blazing
(with) both guns blazing

in the thick of sth

(be) in the thick of sth AND (be) in the thick of it (in the most demanding or busiest part of something) — в гуще (событий), в самом центре чего-л.; в самом разгаре чего-л.; принимать самое непосредственное участие (контекст.)

Example 1: ...

in the pipeline

(be) in the pipeline (being developed; in preparation) — в процессе (доставки, производства, подготовки и т. д.); разрабатывающийся или дорабатывающийся, готовящийся к производству, выпуску и проч.

Example 1: This site has many more examples of idioms in the pipeline!

Example 2: We've got a lot in the pipeline.

get a line on sb

get a line on sb/sth (to get an idea on how to locate someone or something; to find out, learn about sb/sth — добыть, раздобыть, получить сведения о ком-л. или о чём-л.; разузнать о ком-л. или о чём-л.

Example 1: "I'd have to check with John. Can I make a call to California? If we can track down the coat, maybe we can get a line on the missing woman."

on the rampage

be /go on a/the rampage (behave violently) ≈ быть в сильном возбуждении, буйствовать, неистовствовать, быть вне себя от ярости; рвать и метать

sight for sore eyes

be a sight for sore eyes (if someone or something is a sight for sore eyes, you feel happy to see them)
— приятное зрелище, сердцу отрада (особ. о желанном госте);

pecking order

a pecking order (a hierarchy (of status seen) among (members of) a group as of people, classes, or nations or animals, originally as observed among hens; the order of importance of

камень на сердце лежит/камень на душе лежит

О чувстве тяжести, тягостном ощущении у кого-либо
1. В выражении камень обозначает нечто плохое, связанное с трудностями и со злом.
2. Прозрачная метафора, навеянная известным ощущунием тяжести в груди при волнении, угнетенном состоянии, недобром предчувствии и т. п.

"РУССКАЯ ФРАЗЕОЛОГИЯ" А. К. Бирих, В. М. Мокиенко, Л. И. Степанова

кто последний?

Is this the end of the line?
Are you at the end of the line?.

And if you got a chip on your shoulder — "Are you and your fat ass the next in line?":-)

Are you queuing? (Aiduza)

Обсуждение see here

Related vocabulary

вы выходите?

Are you getting off at the next stop? -- (Chaika, USA)

разрешите пройти?

We just say "Excuse me" as you gently try to get by, or "I need to get off here" or "May I get through, please." (chaika, USA)

see also
[вы выходите?]

see here

on second thought

on second thought {US} AND on second thoughts {UK} ((after) having thought about something again; having given something more thought; having reconsidered something; resulting from a revised opinion or change of mind) — по зрелом размышлении, подумав хорошенько, пораскинув умом

get smart with sb

get smart (with sb) (become fresh with someone; to talk back to someone) — хамить, умничать, огрызаться

Example 1: Don't you get smart with me!

Example 2: If you get smart again, I'll bop you.

(McGraw-Hill Dict)
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[get fresh with sb]
smart mouth

get fresh with sb

get fresh with sb (become overly bold or even rude) — хамить, распоясываться, наглеть (как о словах, так и о действиях)

Example 1: Don't get fresh with me! Remember I am the teacher here.

Example 2: She slapped him because he was getting fresh with her). ~ распускать руки, приставать к ней, распоясываться

set of pipes

have a set of pipes ( have a very loud voice; a good singing voice.) — (иметь) сильный голос, замечательные вокальные данные

Example 1: She has a nice set of pipes. With a set of pipes like that, she's a winner. (McGraw-Hill Dict)

come to one's senses

come to one's senses
(return to thinking or behaving sensibly and reasonably; begin thinking sensibly|| recover consciousness) -- образумиться, взяться за ум || прийти в сознание

Example 1:I wish he'd come to his senses and stop playing around.

Example 2: I'm glad he finally came to his senses and went on to college.

out of one's league

out of one's league (not good, rich, clever enough for sth or sb) — намного хуже (слабее, беднее); нельзя даже сравнивать; не по силам (ср. перен."не моей / твоей весовой категории"

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