blot on the landscape

a blot on the landscape



{used to show disapproval}

around the clock

around the clock
round the clock
(all day and all night without stopping) — круглосуточно

don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you

Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. — Не буди лихо, пока спит тихо.

(Let the sleeping dog lie)

tongue in cheek

a tongue in (one's) cheek
with (one's) tongue in (one's) cheek

неискренно, лицемерно; иронически или насмешливо, издевательски, с издевкой

to a T

to a T AND to a tee (perfectly) {infml} — в совершенстве, идеально, точь-в-точь; как раз, в точности; тютелька в тютельку

like it or lump it

Like it or lump it and If you don't like it you can lump it

make a dent in sth

make a dent in sth
put a dent in sth

(to reduce an amount of something, esp. money or work) —

Buying a new car put a big dent in our savings.

аn elephant never forgets

If a person has a memory like an elephant, he or she has a very good memory indeed.

what goes up must come down

What goes up must come down.
Anything that has risen or been raised up must eventually fall down.

≅ Высоко летать – больно падать.
≅ Хорошо летаешь, да где-то сядешь.

take the rough with the smooth

take the rough with the smooth
take the bad with the good
(to accept the bad things that happen as well as the good things

count your blessings

Count your blessings.
≅ Мне бы твои заботы.
≅ Пусть это будет твоё последнее горе.
≅ Пусть это будет самым большим твоим несчастьем.

take in stride

take sth in stride {AmE},

borrow trouble

to borrow trouble {AmE} (to worry about something when it is not necessary;|| to take an unnecessary action that will probably engender adverse effects) — заранее ждать непр

Hope springs eternal

Нope springs eternal (People will keep on hoping, no matter what the odds.) ≅ Надежда умирает последней.

even if it kills one

even if it kills me / you ({pledging to do something} even if {doing it} is very difficult) — чего бы это ни стоило; любой ценой; ≅ кровь из носу; {в отрицательных предлож.} ни за ч

кровь из носу

кровь из носу (досл.: *blood from one's nose; used to describe an event that must occur no matter what)

[even if it kills one]
no matter what
(even) if it's the last thing I do

from hell

the {child / house / mother/ tenant /job / client / summer /etc.} from hell {humorous} (the worst or most unpleasant person or thing of that type that anyone can imagine)

if a day

if a day AND if it / one is a day (a phrase attached to an expression of someone's age, often expressing a belief that someone is older than they want to be consid

recharge one’s batteries

recharge one’s batteries (to rest after being very busy, so that you will be ready to start working again) — (снова) набраться сил, энергии, подзарядиться энергией; восстановить силы

break down

to give more detail; analyze: make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of; break down into components or essential features.

- объяснять, разложить по полочкам, сообщать детали,

labour the point

labour the point (to try too hard or continue to describe or explain sth or express an idea, feeling or opinion in too much detail after everyone has clearly understood it (repeatin

no way

No way! {infml} (=NO! Never!


разговляться — прекращать говение; выходить из поста

it's just as well

It's just as well (that) sb did/does sth) and It's a good thing (that) sb did/does sth) — 1) (вот и) хорошо, что...; тем лучше, что...; к лучшему; 2) с тем же успе

тем лучше

тем лучше(, что...)
It's just as well
It's a good job
в статье
[it's just as well]

Nice pull!

Nice pull! is a way to congratulate or compliment someone when they are dating or are having sex with a hot girl.

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