call off the dogs!

call off the dogs! (stop attacking or criticizing someone.) — хватит критиковать! Кончай бочку катить! Кончай наезжать!

Example 1: It's time to call off the dogs and let her get back to doing her job. (Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms ) — Хватит уже не на нее наезжать (~всех собак спускать); дай ей работать!


old hat

be an old hat at sth ( do something well, do it effortlessly.) — отлично разбираться, собаку съесть

Example: Give it to Brad. He’s an old hat with computers. He can do it in his sleep.

do it in one's sleep. — с закрытыми глазами сделать; разбуди его — сделает
Example: Give it to Thomas. He’s an old hat with cameras.

“ an old hat.” can also mean something old fashioned and out of date.
Example: Windows 3.1 is so old hat. Nobody uses it anymore.

Context is important.
Frequency of usage: rarely for both


settle down

settle down (live in a regular way, as in marriage or work; behave in a responsible manner) — остепениться, угомониться, перебеситься

Isn't it time that John got married and settled down. — Не пора ли Джону уже жениться и угомониться (наконец).

slip on a banana skin

slip on a banana skin (a banana skin is something which causes or is very likely to cause difficulty or embarrassing problems) — cовершить досадную оплошность, поростоволоситься, облажаться.

make up for

make up for something (to take the place of something that has been lost or damaged; to provide something good, so that something bad seems less important) — заменить, восполнить (ут

play up to sb

to play up to sb (try to gain the favour with sb; curry favor with sb, flatter) — лебезить перед кем-л.; заискивать; пресмыкаться, подлизываться

Example 1: There's no use playing up to the boss; it doesn't influence him. (

Example 2: It's no good making up to your influential brother, he won't help you. He doesn't welcome being made up to. — Бесполезно лебезить перед твоим влиятельным братцем: он не будет помогать тебе. Ему не нравится, когда перед ним пресмыкаются/заискивают.

[kiss up to sb]

give marching orders

give sb their marching orders (to tell someone to leave) — выставить за порог; выгнать; дать от ворот поворот

bee in one's bonnet

a bee in one's bonnet — a fixed idea/an obsession that seems crazy;

have a bee in one's bonnet — be obsessed with something; to be very involved in something that one thinks is important, in a way that other people find annoying — зациклиться, застрять на чем-то; иметь пунктик по какому-л. вопросу; иметь навязчивую идею;
(bonnet = hat)

Example 1: She's got a bee in her bonnet about eating raw fish to stay fit and healthy. — У неё пунктик / она зациклена на том, что необходимо есть сырую рыбу, чтобы сохранить здоровье.

take sth out on sb

take it out on somebody

off the cuff

off the cuff (spontaneous, without planning) — без подготовки, экспромтом; на ходу (=по ходу событий, без подготовки)

all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (working too hard and not taking the time to have fun is bad for you.) ≅ От работы и кони дохнут; ≅ работа не волк — в лес не убежит

Common Usage: This is a very well known proverb, often used as an excuse to go out and party, or to convince a hard worker to come out and party.


всякое лыко в строку

[all is fish that comes to his net]
[all is grist that comes to the mill]

Всякое лыко в стрОку -
1. Все может пригодиться, все может пойти в дело (доп. ничем не побрезгует - Fenya)
2. (прост.) Любая ошибка ставится в вину.

Выражение связано со старинным народным ремеслом на Руси - плетением из лыка коробов, лукошек, рогожи, лаптей и других поделок; при плетении их не всякое лыко шло в строчку, т.е. в полоску на изделии. Первонач. не всяко лыко в строку<.em>.

string of good luck

string of good luck AND a run of good luck (a series of lucky events, lucky streak ) — полоса удач, полоса везения, счастливая полоса

winning streak

a winning streak
a lucky streak — полоса удач, полоса везения; счастливая полоса

low man on the totem pole

a low man on the totem pole AND a bottom man on the totem pole (the least important person) — мелкая сошка, пятая спица в колеснице; последняя спица в колеснице; мелкая рыбешка

Example: I am the low man on the totem pole in our company and I have no power at all. — Я в компании мелка сошка и никакого влияния не имею.

[cog in the wheel]
small fry

cog in the wheel

a cog in the machine/wheel (an unimporant person in or a small part of a large complex, enterprise, organisation) — мелкая сошка, пятая спица в колеснице; мелкая рыбешка; небольшая п

мелкая сошка

[low man on the totem pole]
[cog in the wheel]
small fry,
[no great shakes]
не велика птица
small potatoes (insignificant; of little concern)

get one's come-uppance

come-uppance (a person's bad luck that is considered to be a fair and deserved punishment for something bad that they have donе) — возмездие; заслуженное наказание

get one's come-uppance — получить по заслугам

Example 1: She'll get her come-uppance, believe me. — Отольются кошке мышкины слезки, уж поверь. / Она своё получит. / Ей за всё воздастся.

Example 2: Jack is always insulting people. I hope he'll get his comeuppance one day!

See also
[get what's coming to one]
[taste of one’s own medicine]

get what's coming to one

get what's coming to one (to receive the good or bad that you deserve; get what is due to you; get your share.) — получить по заслугам; получить то, что причитается

Example 1: At the end of the movie the villain got what was coming to him and was put in jail. (AmIdioms)

Example 2: John didn't think he was getting what was coming to him, so he quit the job. (AmIdioms)

Example 3: Mother told Mary that she'd get hers if she kept on being naughty. (AmIdioms)

[serves you right]
[get one's come-uppance]

получить по заслугам

[get one's come-uppance]
[get what's coming to one]
[taste of one's own medicine]
[serves you right]
have it coming

ср. также
[face the music]
pay the piper
pay the price

catch it
have it coming
serve right

pick to pieces

pull / pick sb/sth to pieces (to criticize someone or something very severely, often in a way that is not fair) — раскритиковать в пух и прах; разнести в пух и прах; камня на камне не оставить

Example 1: It's discouraging because every time I show him a bit of work I've done he picks it to pieces. (CIDI)

Example 2: At the last meeting John was pulled to pieces with this new plan of his. — На прошлом совещании Джона и его новый план разнесли в пух и прах.

см. также

yesterday wouldn't be too soon!

Yesterday wouldn't be too soon! (you can't do it quick enough for me!; the task is screamingly urgent.) -- еще вчера

see also
[need sth yesterday]

there's small choice in rotten apples

there's small choice in rotten apples — хрен редьки не слаще; выбирать тут не из чего,

на нет и суда нет

(It's) no use crying over the moon — на нет и суда нет

Example: Someone was hanging curtains upstairs and for one wild extatic moment he imagined that it was Kathy. If only it could be! But he thrust the thought from him. No use crying over the moon. He was damned lucky to have all this — and dear old Winnie to keep him company. (The Caxley Chronicles: The Market Square and The Howards of Caxley)

обещанного три года ждут

Between promising and performing a man may marry his daughter

Similar English and Irish sayings:
One acre of performance, is worth twenty of the land of promise
Never promise what you can’t perform
Be slow to promise and quick to perform

явился — не запылился

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