trade places

trade places (with sb)
Also change/swap places (with sb)

in no time

in no time (at all) also in no time (at all) — очень быстро, в мгновение ока
If something happens or is done in no time, it happens or is done extremely quickly

take one for the team

take one for the team
(make a sacrifice for the sake of other; doing something you don't want to, so others don't have to)

отвести душу

give vent to one's feelings/emotions, anger, grief, impatience, indignation, threats =>
[give vent to]

С милым рай и в шалаше

С милым рай и в шалаше!
(досл.:“with your sweetheart it’s paradise even in a shelter of twigs.”)

Love makes a cottage a castle.


have sth going for one

have (got) sth going for sb/sth

take one's time

take one's time (over sth / to do sth /doing sth)

pump iron

pump iron {infml}

let her rip

let it /her rip {mainly American, infml} (to make a vehicle move as fast as it can)

Let her rip! — Давай полный ход; Не задерживай, и вперёд!

prey on sb's mind

prey on sb's mind and
weigh on sb's mind

talk through one's hat

talk through one's hat (to talk a lot about a subject that you do not really understand; to talk nonsense) — рассуждать глупо, неразумно, бездоказательно; ≈ нести чушь, ≈ пороть чепух

run off at the mouth

run off at the mouth{AmE}
run one's mouth (off) {BrE}

not hear the end of sth

(will) not/never hear the end of sth AND
(will) not/never hear the last of sth {infml}

what has got into you?

What has got into somebody? {infml} (used to say that somebody has suddenly started to behave in a strange or different way)

какая муха тебя укусила?

Какая муха тебя укусила?
[what has got into you?]
What has gotten into you? (AmE)
What crawled up your butt and died? (AmE) at
[bug up sb's butt]

opposite number

sb's opposite number — чей-л. коллега (в другом учреждении) {лицо, занимающее такую же должность в другом учреждении, государстве и т.

Scince when?

since when?
С каких это пор...? (выражение негодования или удивления)

как бы не так!

Как бы не так! (разг.)

Употребляется при выражении категорического несогласия или отказа от чего-л.

no way
no way, Jose
The hell it/he/she did/was/etc!


где там!

another country heard from

Another country heard from! (yet another person adds to the conversation) — Только тебя мы еще не слышали! Ну вот только тебя (твоего мнения, твоего голоса) тут не хватало!

accidentally on purpose

accidentally on purpose
accidentally-on-purpose {humorous}

Shrouds have no pockets

Shrouds have no pockets. (You cannot take any material goods with you when you die)


wash down (to drink something after putting food or medicine in your mouth, especially so that you can swallow more easily)

for the long haul

for the long haul (for a long time, permanently; for a long period of time; over the long term; until the end, until it is finished; without hesitation, without reservation) — надолг

for keeps

for keeps {infml} (for ever, or for always) — навсегда, невечно

Example 1: Once she moves in, she'll be there for keeps.

plastic smile

a plastic smile (looking artificial) — деланная улыбка; натужная, неискренняя, неестественная улыбка

Example: She gave me a wide, plastic smile.

crack a smile

crack a smile {usu negative} (to smile a little, esp. when not inclined to do so) — с трудом улыбнуться, выдавить (из себя) улыбку

put words into sb's mouth

put (the) words in / into sb's mouth AND

play for keeps

If you are playing for keeps, you take things very seriously and the outcome is very important to you; it is not a mere game.

play for keeps

on the off-chance

an off-chance
(a remote or slight chance; a slight possibility) — некоторый шанс; очень небольшой, ничтожный шанс

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