means to an end

a means to an end
(a thing or action that is not interesting or important in itself but is a way of achieving something else) — средство для достижения цели

bird's eye view

a bird's eye view of sth (an overall or superficial view of something as if the viewer were a bird; viewing something from a height) — взгляд с высоты птичьего полета, взгляд с высо

каков вопрос — таков (и) ответ

Ask a stupid question (and you'll get a stupid answer.)
Ask a silly question (and you'll get a silly answer.)
Ask stupid questions and you'll get stupid answers.

break the ice

break the ice (to start establishing warmer relationship with people, esp.

when poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window

When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window.
When the wolf comes in at the door, love creeps out of the window.

split one's sides

split one's sides (laughing/with laughter) (to laugh a lot at something) — хохотать, смеяться до упаду; покатываться со смеху; умирать от смеха; живот надорвать от смеха; чуть не лоп

one for the book

one for the book also one for the (record) books (something unusual or unexpected; a record-breaking or very remarkable act; an act or occurrence worth noting) — н

lull sb into a false sense of security

lull sb into a false sense of security
lure sb into a false sense of security
give sb a false sense of security

fool's errand

a fool's errand

cut sb dead

cut sb dead

X factor

the X factor

fall for it

fall for sth


will-o'-the-wisp (unobtainable, unreachable, romantic dream or hope; hazy, nebulous, phantom pursuit; anything that deludes or misleads by luring on) — нечто обманчивое, неуловимо

full as a tick

full as a tick {infml} (very full of food or drink; replete after eating or very drunk) — наесться до отвала; наесться так, что уже не лезет; объесться, упиться

I'm stuffed

I'm (absolutely) stuffed! = I'm full — я наелся, в меня больше ничего не лезет (разг.)

put sth to rest

put something to rest and lay something to rest {fml} (to put an end to a rumor, to finally show that something is not true;|| to finish dealing with someth

out of wedlock

out of wedlock and outside marriage (of unwed parents; of biological parents not married to each other) — вне брака

take a (long) hard look at sth

take a (long) hard look at sth (to examine something very carefully in order to improve it in the future; think very carefully and seriously about it, especially with the result that

feet on the ground

have/keep both feet on the ground

consider it done

Consider it done
› used to say that you will do a particular task immediately
~ Можете считать, что дело уже сделано.

stand the test of time

stand the test of time (not be forgotten; never break down) — выдержать проверку временем, выдержать испытание временем

Examples from

vim and vigor

vim and vigor (vitality, energy; enthusiasm; ebullient vitality and energy; moxie) — жизненные силы, тонус, кипучая энергия

There but for the grace of God (go I)

There but for the grace of God (go I).
(= I would likely have experienced or done the same bad thing if God had not been watching over me.)
~ На этом месте мог бы быть я.

put a damper on sth

put a damper on sth (to make smth less hopeful, cheerful, enjoyable, active, or great than it could have been etc; to have a dulling or numbing influence on something) — омрачать,

stroke of the pen

with a/the stroke of the pen — одним росчерком пера
Also at the stroke of the/a pen

poke fun at sb

poke fun at sb/sth (to tease or make fun of someone) — смеяться над кем-л., подшучивать над кем-л; подтрунивать над кем-л.; дразнить, поддразнивать кого-л.; высмеивать кого-л., нас

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