follow one's nose

follow one's nose — идти куда глаза глядят

1. go in a straight or obvious course
2. proceed without plan or reflection; (
3. obey one's instincts; be guided by instinct

other things being equal

(all) other things (being) equal

при прочих равных условиях

(all) [other things being equal]
Ceteris paribus or caeteris paribus

брать от жизни все

take the best from life

We must take the best from life, believe in our dreams, but also be realistic.

черновое (копилки)

(NTC’S American IDIOMS Dictionary)






Тематич. раскладка (прибл.)

Efficiency - Competence
_______Money Idioms____
влететь в копеечку
[cost an arm and a leg]
[cost a pretty penny]

rake in the money
[make money hand over fist ]

[strike it rich],
make a killing
[ride the gravy train]

[грести деньги лопатой]
[срубить бабло]
[золотая жила]
[зашибать деньги]

keep the wolf from the door

keep the wolf from the door or keep the wolves from the door (to make just enough money for living, and no more; to avoid hunger, poverty, and/or creditors) — сводить концы с концами; чтобы не пойти по миру; чтобы не умереть с голоду

Example: I don't like my job, but I must do something to keep the wolves from the door. — Мне моя работа не наравится, но нужно что-то делать, чтобы не пойти по миру.

[keep body and soul together]
[make ends meet]
[hand to mouth]
[on the breadline]

как назло

Как назло means "as if in spite" and is said whenever things go wrong as if by design. You know how it is — you have to look your best for a meeting, and then on the way:

голь на выдумки хитра

necessity is the mother of invention

no holds barred

no holds barred (without any rules or constraints, especially those of fair play) — 1. все захваты разрешены (борьба); 2. все средства хороши

see also
[the end justifies the means]
[all's fair in love and war]

[stop at nothing]
[go to great lengths]
[по головам]

[for love or money]
[by hook or by crook]
[by fair means or foul ]
From all-in wrestling of the most primitive kind, in which no hold or grip or indeed any method of dealing with an opponent was forbidden.

not enough room to swing a cat

very crowded or cramped — яблоку некуда упасть
small — негде повернуться

It's really crowded in here. Not enough room to swing a cat. — Народу-то здесь набилось. Яблоку негде упасть.

How can you work in a small room like this? There’s not enough room to swing a cat. — ... здесь же не повернуться

негде повернуться

[not enough room to swing a cat] (when sb says there's no room to swing a cat, they mean that a room is very small and that there is not enough space )

[no elbow room] 1

негде повернуться; яблоку негде упасть; плюнуть некуда

roll up one's sleeves

roll up one's sleeves (to get ready to do some (hard) work) — засучить рукава, приготовиться (к работе, борьбе и т. п.)

reach an impasse

reach an impasse -- зайти в тупик (о переговорах, дискуссии)
(=to progress to the point that a barrier stops further progress)

The negotiations reached an impasse and no one was able to propose a compromise

[end in a deadlock]
[зайти в тупик]
cдвинуться с мертвой точки

зайти в тупик

(о переговорах, проч)
[end in deadlock]
[reach an impasse]

at a dead end;
up a blind alley
on a route that leads nowhere.

Example 1: I have been trying to find out something about my ancestors, but I'm up a blind alley. I can't find anything. (NTC's)

Example 2: The police are up a blind alley in their investigation of the crime. (NTC's)

push sb to the wall

push / press sb to the wall - припереть к стене, [загнать в угол]
force someone into a position where there is only one choice to

There was little else he could do. They pushed him to the wall.

When we pressed him to the wall, he told us where the money was hidden.

[припертый к стенке]

bark up the wrong tree

bark up the wrong tree or be barking up the wrong tree (go to the wrong place or have a mistaken idea; if you are barking up the wrong tree, you are trying to do som

английские идиомы с буквы K

английские идиомы с буквы D

devil-may-care attitude

devil-may-care attitude and devil-may-care manner (a very casual attitude; a worry-free or carefree attitude) — наплевательское отношение; легкомысленное отношени


наплевательское отношение

наплевательское отношние,
I-couldn’t-care-less attitude
[devil-may-care attitude]
а devil-may-care manner
carefree attitude

if it's not one thing, it's another!

"If it's not one thing, it's another!" Something that you say when many different things are going wrong in a short period of time.

ни одно, так другое

[If it's not one thing, it's another!]
то понос, то золотуха

[беда не приходит одна]
(все) одно к одному
It's just one thing on top of another. — Все одно к одному.

по зову сердца

[labor of love]
для души

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