spring in one's step

a spring in one's step
(enthusiasm, energy or a positive outlook or cheerful attitude) — энтузиазм, энергия,

go it alone

go it alone
(to do something by oneself and without help from other people)
— действовать в одиночку, самостоятельно; справляться самостоятельно

walk in the park

a walk in the park
(something that is very easy to do, and usually pleasant) — легче легкого; раз плюнуть; делать нечего (= очень простая работа); проще пареной репы

good thing going

a good thing going (something of an ongoing nature arranged for one's own benefit)

champing at the bit

champing at the bit (for sth/to do sth)
chomping at the bit (for sth/to do sth)

на слабо

as/for a dare {BrE} / on a dare {AmE) (=because someone has dared you to) — (сделать что-л.) на слабо

put one's shoulder to the wheel

put one's shoulder to the wheel (to work hard at something; to work hard and make an effort; еo make a great effort yourself or with others; try hard; cooperate) — сделать усилие, п

чудес не бывает

There's a reason for everything.
Nothing happens without a reason.
~ чудес не бывает

efl.ru (Chaika)

carry a torch for sb

carry a torch for sb
hold a torch for sb

bells and whistles

bells and whistles

дурная компания

the wrong crowd

Example: As a result of spending time with the wrong crowd all through high school and now in college, Joe smokes 10–15 cigarettes a day.

elders and betters

one's elders and betters {old-fashioned}
(people who are older than you and who should be treated with respect) — старшие

Who would have thought...?

Who would have thought...?
(used for showing that you are surprised about something) — Кто бы мог подумать!

[Who da thunk it?]

eat away at sb

eat at sb AND eat away at sb (bother, annoy, cause feelings of guilt; to make someone feel more and more unhappy or worried; to make someone feel very worried over

Who da thunk it?

Who da thunk it?
Who'd a thunk it?
Who'd 'a thunk it.

It's a slang way of saying "Who would have thought it/so?" or "I can't believe it".
Кто бы мог подумать!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (to do sth) also
You don't have to be a rocket scientist (to do sth)
It’s/sth is not rocket science

It's a no-brainer

It's a no-brainer (that)
(something that is absurdly simple or easy and requires little thought)
— понятно, что...;
ежу понятно;

chew sb's ear off

chew sb's ear off and talk sb's ear off (talk a lot; talk too much, talk on and on; make the listener tired) — уболтать, заболтать кого-л.; повиснуть у кого-л.

Не везет в картах — повезет в любви

Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.
Везет в картах — не повезет в любви.
Не везет в картах — повезет в любви.
If you frequently win at card games, you will not have happy love affairs.

бойтесь своих желаний

Бойтесь своих желаний — они могут исполниться.
Be careful what you wish for, ...
...it might come true
...lest it come true
...you may receive it
...you just might get it.

swings and roundabouts

swings and roundabouts -- плюсы и минусы, преимущества и недостатки; достоинства и недостатки; победы и поражения, взлёты и падения;

like pulling teeth

like pulling teeth (extremely difficult) — очень трудно; не допроситься ( не допросишься); клещами не вытянуть; клещами вытягивать надо

Loose lips sink ships

Loose lips, sink ships. (Don't talk carelessly because you don't know who is listening) ~ Болтун — находка для шпиона. Язык мой — враг мой.

give up the ghost

give up the ghost (to die) — испустить дух, почить в бозе, приказать долго жить (скончаться, умереть)

Example 1:

open up

open up (to sb) (about sth) (show one’s feelings, express oneself) — открыться, признаться (в своих чувствах)

luck of the draw

the luck of the draw (the results of chance; the lack of any choice) — лотерея; слепое везение; зигзаг удачи; случай, случайная удача/неудача, игра случая

march to the beat of a different drum

march to the beat of a different drum or
march to thr beat of a different drummer

like a broken record

sound/be/feel like a broken record (to say the same thing over and over again) — повторять одно и то же снова и снова, как пластинка, которую заело; твердить что-л.

have a sweet tooth

have a sweet tooth (to like sugary foods; have a love for sweet foods) — злоупотреблять сладким; быть сладкоежкой, сластеной, лакомкой

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