сool down

сool down AND сool off (to become, or to cause someone to become, less angry or excited; to reduce someone's anger, passion or love; relax, let anger go away ) — охл

в силе

still stand (if something such as an offer,a decision, a law made earlier stands, it continues to exist, be correct, or be valid) — оставаться в силе (о приглашении, предложении, ре

close, but no cigar

Close, but no cigar. (used for telling someone that they have failed, although their attempt, guess etc was almost successful) — хорошо, да не совсем; почти в точку; чуть-чуть не считается (досл.: близко, но сигары не видать)

Example 1: I know a couple who got letters saying, Close, but no cigar, baby. You're not on the list. (News about Celebrities)

beyond the pale

beyond the pale (unacceptable and indecent) — переходящий всякие границы (неодобр.); за пределами (дозволенного), за рамками (приличий и т.

in seventh heaven

be in seventh heaven{infml} (to be extremely happy) — быть на седьмом небе (от счастья, восторга и т. п.)

Example: Since they got married they've been in seventh heaven. (CIDI)

over the moon

be over the moon (about sth) AND jump over the moon (about sth){UK infml} (to be very happy about something) — прыгать от радости, быть на седьмом небе (от счастья, от восторга), быть вне себя от счастья; ~ не нарадоваться

Example 1: Sam was over the moon about becoming a father / about his new job.

court disaster

court disaster / danger / scandal / death etc {fml} ( to behave in a way that is likely to bring a bad result) — своим поведением навлекать на себя несчастье, неприятности и т.

go back a long way

go back a long way (with sb) (to know someone for a long time) — знать кого-л. очень давно, быть давно знакомым с кем-л.; не первый год друг друга знать || иметь давнюю историю, уходить (корнями) глубоко в прошлое

Example 1: Doris and I go back a long way – we were at school together. — Я сто лет Дорис знаю, мы в одной школе учились.

on a full stomach

on a full stomach (right after you have eaten a lot) — на сытый желудок, на полный желудок

Example: You should never exercise on a full stomach.

on an empty stomach (without eating anything before doing something) — на голодный желудок, на пустой желудок


a fashion plate (a fashionably dressed person;
a person who is much concerned with his/her dress and appearance) — модник, модница

dandy, fop, gallant, sheik, dude, beau, clotheshorse, swell
coxcomb, cockscomb

make a statement

make a statement (create a certain impression; communicate an idea or mood without using words, try to show people what one thinks or believes by behaving in a particular way) — заявить о себе (обратить на себя внимание, привлечь к себе внимание), произвести впечатление

throw sth to the winds

throw sth (caution, prudence, etc.) to the wind(s) AND cast sth to the wind(s) AND fling sth to the wind(s) — забыть о чём-л., отбросить всякую осто

catch sb unawares

catch sb unawares / take sb unawares — застигнуть врасплох

Example 1: Despite George's vigilance the snow, when it did come, took him unawares.

See also
[catch sb off guard]
[catch sb in the act]
[take sb aback]
[catch sb with one's pants down]
[застать врасплох]


a tattle-tale {US} AND a telltale {UK} (a child who tells an adult about something bad that another child has done; one that tattles, informer) — ябеда

blow the whistle

blow the whistle (on sb / sth) (to tell the public or someone in authority about something wrong that you know someone is doing, especially at the place where you work; to draw atte

catch sb napping

catch sb napping (to come upon someone who is unprepared; to surprise someone) — застигнуть врасплох

catch sb off balance;
catch sb up short

no guts, no glory

No guts, no glory.
Without courage (guts) there can be no triumph (glory)
≅ Кто не рискует, тот не пьет шампанского.
≅ Риск — благородное дело.

take that!

,Take 'that! {informal} (used as an exclamation when you are hitting sb or attacking them in some other way) — Вот тебе! Получай!

whole nine yards

The whole nine yards means "completely, the whole, everything"; a complete job, quality, without cutting corners, e.g.:

spare the rod and spoil the child

Spare the rod and spoil the child.
За одного битого, двух небитых дают.


chop-chop (hurry up; be quick) — Давай побыстрее!; Поторапливайся!; Пошевеливайся!

Example 1: Come on, chop-chop!

Example 2: Let’s go, chop-chop!

Used for telling someone to hurry

See also
[get cracking]
[get a move on]

get cracking

get cracking OR get going OR get rolling (= hurry up; || start working) —

Example 1: Let's get cracking, kids. (answers.com)

Example 2: It's time we got going. (answers.com)

Example 3: The alarm went off ten minutes ago, so get rolling. (answers.com)

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[get a move on]

of all things

of all things / people / places {mainly spoken}(used for expressing surprise that a particular thing / person / place is the one involved in something) ≈ вот тебе и на!, ну надо же!, подумать только!, ну ни фига себе (выражение крайнего удивления)

Example 1: Well, of all things, what are you doing here? — Вот те на! Ты-то тут что делаешь?

now I've seen everything

Now I've seen everything AND Now I've seen it all — (Ну ни фига себе)— теперь меня больше ничем не удивишь.

go through channels

go through (proper) channels (to send a request through the normal way) — пройти по всем необходимым / официальным инстанциям

wouldn’t put it past sb

(I) wouldn’t put it past sb (to do sth) {infml} (used for saying that you think someone is capable of doing something bad, wrong or illegal) — считать кого-л. способным на что-л. (дурное, незаконное, преступное)

(I) wouldn’t put it past him — c него станется; он и не на такое способен; от него всякого можно ожидать

over the odds

over the odds (more than expected, normal, necessary etc) — чересчур, слишком; чересчур много, чрезмерно {часто о цене}

Example 1: I know he never liked you, but some of the things he said to me about you were rether over the odds. (thefreedictionary.com)

Example 2: ...

Related vocabulary
too much
much/way too much
[over the odds]

full throttle

(at) full throttle ((of a person or a machine) do something as well and with as much energy as they can) — полным ходом, на полной скорости; в полную силу

Example 1: ...

Example 2: By the end of May, the assembly line will be working at full throttle. (CID)

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at full speed
at full tilt

all things to all people

be all things to all people (able to satisfy everyone's needs doing things things that make everyone happy) — угождать / угодить всем; каждому суметь угодить; ≅ всем сестрам по се

same here

same here (used for saying that you agree or that you have the same feeling) — я тоже, и я также; то же могу сказать о себе

Example 1: "I'm nearly falling asleep." "Same here." — "Я просто на ходу засыпаю." - "(Так и) я тоже."

Example 2: "Rare, please. I don't like well-done meat." "Same here. Two rare steaks."

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