it'll be all right on the night

It'll be all right on the night! {UK} — не волнуйтесь, всё будет как надо; все пройдет гладко; все пройдет как по маслу (этим. театр.)

sadder but wiser

(be) sadder but wiser (unhappy but knowledgeable, about sb after an unpleasant event) — умудрённый горьким опытом; наученный горьким опытом; приобрести печальный опыт

Cliché : If someone is sadder but wiser after a bad experience, they have suffered but they have also learned something from it.
Example 1: After the accident, I was sadder but wiser, and would never make the same mistake again. (McGraw-Hill Dict)

win sb over

win sb over / around / round (to sth) (succeed in changing someone’s opinion; get sb’s support or approval by persuading them that you are right) — переубедить; убедить в своей правоте | перетянуть (на свою сторону)

Example 1: They’re against the project but I’m sure I can win her over.

Example 2: I think we can win them over to our side, to the ideas we've got, because they're good for America. (spoken)

fall flat on one's face

fall (flat) on one’s face (be completely unsuccessful at a task, fail to achieve a desired effect; || fail or make a mistake in an embarrassing way; make a blunder or error of judgment) — потерпеть фиаско, неудачу, с треском провалиться; облажаться, лажануться; выставить себя дураком

flash in the pan

a flash in the pan (a sudden spasmodic effort that promises great success but accomplishes nothing (fails) || one that appears promising but turns out to be disappointing or worthless) — безрезультатная или неудачная попытка; мимолётный успех; удача, лопнувшая как мыльный пузырь; кратковременная вспышка (об недолгом успехе); провал, поражение, фиаско || мыльный пузырь (человек, потерпевший фиаско или не оправдавший надежд, неудачник)

уйти в себя

keep oneself to oneself
в [keep to oneself]

be/live in a world (all) by oneself

murder will out

murder will out AND truth will out (the truth will always be discovered and become known eventually; secrets or misdeeds will eventually be disclosed) — все тайное становится явным; сколь веревочке ни виться; сколько веревочка ни вейся (, а конец будет)

Example: They're bound to find out what you've done. Truth will out, you know. (CIDI)

Can be used to remark that someone who had been concealing the truth is now revealing it.

scream blue murder

scream/shout/cry/yell/etc. blue murder AND
scream/shout/cry/yell/etc. bloody murder (to shout or to complain very loudly in anger, or fear) — кричать не своим голосом, вопить истошным голосом, орать благим матом; кричать караул; || поднять шум; устроить скандал; ...

Example 1: Someone took the child's ice cream away and he started screaming bloody murder. (CIDI)

Example 2: Readers screamed blue murder when the price of their daily paper went up. (CIDI)


squeal like a stuck pig

squeal like a stuck pig
scream like a stuck pig

(to make a long, high sound, usually because you are hurt) — орать, визжать как резаный

pig's ear

a pig's ear (mess, ) — ...

make a (real / right) pig's ear of sth/doing sth{UK} (do something very badly; make a complete mess of sth) — ...

Example 1: You've made a right pig's ear of this. Let me do it!
Example 2: ...

dog's breakfast

a dog's dinner {UK} AND a dog's breakfast (something that has been done very badly) — черт те что; бардак, черт значет что (о плохо выполненной работе); бардак; черт ногу сломит ; ~ что-то с чем-то (русский эквивалент, как всегда, по кнтексту)

make a real dog's dinner of sth — сделать что-л. кое как; только испортить (работу);

be dressed like a dog's dinner — одетый кое-как; ~ из-под пятницы суббота

take the words out of sb's mouth

take the words out of sb's mouth (to say what someone else was just going to say) — опередить чьё-л. высказывание, чьи-л.

read sth into sth

read sth into sth (give your own meaning to something rather than what was intended; attach or attribute a new or different meaning to something; presume inferences as one reads so

рыба гниет с головы

The fish always stinks from the head downwards. (The freshness of a dead fish can be judged from the condition of its head. Thus, it means that if something is wrong with some country, organization, company, etc) the reason for it is that "the head" (i.e. management, government, etc.) is rotten (bad, corrupt), and all the rest is just the result of it.) — рыба гниет с головы

The guilt of criminality attaches to those responsible. ‘Well,’ said the Aga Khan, ‘fish goes rotten by the head.’ (1915 W. S. Churchill)

compare notes

compare notes (on sth) AND swap notes (on sth) (exchange information and opinions) — обмениваться впечатлениями, наблюдениями, сведениями, мнениями

Example 1: We met at the coffee shop to compare notes on our new boss.

Example 2: The two sisters always swapped notes on guys they were dating.

Example 3: We'd both been out with the same man at different points in our lives so it was interesting to compare notes.(CALD)

read between the lines

read between the lines (understand more than is directly stated; underastand what is implied but not expressed on the surface; perceive or detect an obscure or unexpressed meaning;) — читать между строк

Example 1: ...
Example 2: ...
Example 3: She learned to read between the lines of corporate annual reports to discern areas of fiscal weakness.

cling like a limpet

cling / stick / hang on / hold on like a limpet (to sth/sb) AND (stick like a limpet (to sth)) — ≈ не отходить ни на шаг от кого-л.; ≈ пристать как банный лист; ≈прилипнуть как банный лист; ≈ быть надоедливым, надоедать; прицепиться; приставать

Example 1: On Anna's first morning at Pricewell's, she caught the early bus with Luke and Flora. Flora clung to her, like a limpet. (Joanna Trollope, The rector's wife)

Example 2: He latched on to this idea like a limpet.

stick like a burr

stick to sb like a bur(r) AND stick to sb like a leech— ≈ пристать; прилипнуть; ≈ пристать как пиявка; ≈ как банный лист; ≈ быть надоедливым, надоедать; приставать

Example 1: Even though Andy was a good swimmer, he'd nearly drowned that day, and the fear of that clung to his mind like a burr. (Maureen C Wartski, Rip Tide)

Example 2: Somebody called me Blackie early, the way they called my fat friend Skinny Minnie; and Blackie hung onto my life like a burr. (Reynolds Price, The Fare to the Moon)

on sb's heels

(be) at / on sb's heels (close behind, as a constant follower or companion) — (следовать за кем-л.) по пятам; неотступно следовать за кем-л.

Example 1: The large car was on my heels during my drive into town.

Example 2: They were following close on our heels and nearly collided with us, so abruptly did we stop.

what makes him tick

what makes him / her / etc. tick? (what motivates someone; what makes someone behave in a certain way) — чем объясняется его (её и т. д.) поведение?; чем он живет?; что дает ему силы? что им движет?, чем он живёт? что он за штучка?; что у него на уме?

Example: He is so secretive that we are unable to figure out what makes him tick. — Он настолько скрытный человек, что мы не в состоянии понять, что у него на уме, что им движет, что он за человек, чем он руководствуется.(по контексту)

on guard

put sb on (one's) guard — настораживать; насторожить

be on (one's) guard (be careful and aware because a situation might be dangerous) — ~ держать ухо востро; быть настороже; сохранять бдительность;

Example 1: Something in her tone put Brian on his guard. — Что-то в ее интонации насторожило Брайана.

Example 2: "You're going to have to keep careful watch." Brian smiled. "You bet," he said. "And thank you, sir." "I mean it," said Damon. "Be on your guard." (Judgment Day,
Southern Review)

pick and choose

pick and choose (to choose very carefully from a number of possibilities; to be selective; to take only what you want from a group) — быть разборчивым, привередливым; привередничать; тщательно выбирать

you can't pick and choose;
there’s no pick and choose;
there’s no picking and choosing

— выбирать не приходится; выбора особого нет

[богатый выбор]
[глаза разбегаются]
See also
[beggars can't be choosers]
[Hobson's choice]
[any port in a storm]
[catch as catch can]
make do with sth
settle for

like a deer in the headlights

be like a deer (caught) in the headlights AND be like a rabbit (caught) in the headlights (too nervous to move or speak; so frightened or surpr

that's the way the cookie crumbles

That's the way the cookie crumbles. AND That's the way the ball bounces. (=that's life, there is nothing you can do about something) -- так обстоят дела, такие-то дела; (вот) такие дела; такова жизнь, таковы дела; ничего не поделать; ничего не поделаешь

said when something slightly unlucky has happened

[if it's not one thing, it's another]
[that's the story of my life]
(that’s / it’s) always the 'way
it's the way it plays
[беда не приходит одна]

и на старуху бывает проруха

[can't win 'em all]
[Homer sometimes nods]
No man is wise at all times. (From WikiProverbs)
nobody's perfect
[every man has a fool in his sleeve]
everybody makes mistakes
«Прорухой» в некоторых местах называют всякий промах, ошибку, т. е. смысл поговорки такой: даже у самого опытного и уме­лого человека могут быть недосмотры или промахи. Ср.: «и на солнце есть пятна», «на всякого мудреца довольно простоты»

can't win 'em all

(You) can't win 'em all. AND (You) can't win them all. — и на старуху бывает проруха; ~ не везет в картах, повезет в любви

Example 1: I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get the job. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

Example 2: Mary: Gee, I came in last again! Jane: Oh, well. You can't win them all.

every man has a fool in his sleeve

Every man has a fool in his sleeve
Every man hath a fool in his sleeve. {old-fashioned} No one is always wise. — И на старуху бывает проруха. На всякого мудреца довольно простоты. Безумье и на мудрого бывает.

The allusion is to the tricks of jugglers.

little did I know

little did I / you / he know (used to introduce something someone didn’t know but would have liked to) — я/он/ ты и не подозревал, что; даже и не подозревал, что

Example: You thought your wallet was lost, but little did you know, it was in your pocket the whole time!

follow in sb's footsteps

follow in sb's footsteps AND follow in the footsteps of sb(take up the same career, lead the same kind of life as one's father / uncle) — пойти по стопам кого-л.; последовать примеру

follow the example of sb
follow suit (mimic the action of another person; to perform an action similar to what has preceded; as in, When she walked in, John left the room and his wife followed suit. (

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