lower one's sights

lower one's sights (to accept something that is not as good as what you originally were hoping for) — снизить уровень притязаний; понизить планку (требований); согласиться на меньшее (чем хотелось бы)

Example 1: With so few jobs around you'll have to lower your sights.— При такой нехватке рабочих мест тебе придется снизить планку своих требований.

Example 2: She had to lower her sights and accept a less well-paid job than what she had hoped for.

were your ears burning?

Were your ears burning? — Тебе не икалось?

If A is talking to B about C and C walks up to them as they are finishing, A or B might say to C:
We were just talking about you. Were your ears burning? (D. W. Miller)

to beat the band

to beat the band AND to beat all (very much, very fast; to the greatest possible degree. ) — изо всех сил; во всю мочь; что есть мочи

Example 1: They all laughed to beat the band, and I did, too, that's how good we felt.

Example 2: And she's winking and blinking at me to beat the band.

Example 3: Seeing the man enthralled by blood she starts shrieking and howling to beat the band.

Example 4: We were working to beat the band in order to finish our work early and go home.

beat sb to the punch

beat sb to the punch and beat sb to the draw AND beat sb to it (do or say something before others do; before they have a chance to do it, especially if you are both trying to do it first; outdo, outshine, overcome, surpass) — опередить, обскакать...

Used when showing how someone took the advantage away from another person.

Example 1: I wanted to invite Ann for coffee, but Boris beat me to the punch by asking her first." — Я хотел пригласить Ann на чашечку кофе, но Борис опередил меня, обскакал..


a flair for sth (a natural talent or aptitude; a knack;||instinctive discernment; keenness)

......a flair for interior decorating.

blamestorming session

blamestorming and a blamestorming session (debating with colleagues why a deadline was missed and who was responsible; collectively or individually finding sb/sth to blame for a problem, as opposed to brainstorming which connotes finding solutions to a problem) — разбор полетов

Example 1: I just got out of a three hour blamestorming session with IT about the server failure last week; Someone's going to end up in unemployment over this. (UrbanDictionary)

keep your wits about you!

Keep your wits about you! (be ready to think quickly in a situation and react to things that you are not expecting to) — Не зевай! Не теряй головы! Держи себя в руках. (контекст.)

Example 1: (Benjamin, who graduated from a famous university in the East, asked Elaine out on a date). Elain's father:
I want to you to keep your wits about you tonight. You never know what tricks Ben picked up back there in the East (The Graduate)

big time

big time {informal} (on a large scale; to a great extent; to a very large degree) — очень, сильно, здорово, не слабо (как усилитель)

to a fault

(do sth) to a fault (to do something so very well or to be something so good that it is almost bad) — слишком (уж), чрезмерно, через край; донельзя; патологически (честный, чистоплотный, порядочный, пр.)

Example 1: Jake is honest to a fault and will not say anything unless it is the absolute truth. (idiomconnection)

don't carry coals to Newcastle

Don't carry coals to Newcastle - В Тулу со своим самоваром не ездят.
To make unnecessary and sometimes foolish efforts to provide what already exists.
[в Тулу со своим самоваром не ездят]

can't stand

can't stand (tolerate) (have no patience with; cannot put up with) — терпеть не могу

Example: I can't stand his arrogance.

[терпеть не могу]

make a point of doing sth

make a point of doing sth (make sure that you do sth, do something deliberately, even when it involves making a special effort to do sth because it is important or necessary) — придавать чему-л. большое значение; тщательно рассмотреть что-л.; удостовериться, проследить; взять себе за правило (т. е. старается делать или обязательно делает что-то)

Example 1: I always make a point of being early. (LDOCE)

find one's feet

find one's feet (to become confident in a new situation, especially one that is difficult at first; gain self-confidence) — освоиться, набраться опыта; найти место в жизни; найти призвание; стать на ноги; почувствовать уверенность; ≅ почувствовать себя человеком (контекст.)

beginning to find one's feet / finding one's feet (in a new situation) {continuous} — делать первые шаги (на новом поприще, в новой обстановке); только начинать осваиваться

Example 1: She's still finding her feet as a teacher.

kick a habit

kick a / the habit (to stop doing something habitual; to stop doing something harmful that you have done for a long time; to stop doing something that is a harmful habit, such as smo

bitch about sb

bitch about sb and have a bitch about sb (to complain or make unkind remarks about someone or something, especially about someone who is not present) — перемывать косточки; сплетничать; судачить о ком-л.| жаловаться, высказывать недовольство

Example 1: Who are you two bitching about now? — Кому сейчас кости перемываете?

I owe you one!

I owe you one! (used when someone has done something for you and you'd be happy to return the favour one day) — С меня причитается! Я (теперь) твой должник!

throw in at the deep end

throw sb in at the deep end (give sb a difficult job to do, or a serious problem to deal with, before they have the knowledge or experience for it; give no support or help) — дать тру

footloose and fancy-free

be footloose (and fancy-free) (without responsibilities or commitments; able to do anything one desires in one’s life without any restrictions) — совершенно свободный от обязательств

lick and a promise

a lick and a promise (a hasty bit of work; a quick once-over) as in finish sth with a lick and a promise and give sth a lick and a promise — (сделать, закончить что-л.) на скорую руку, кое-как

Example 1: I was pressed for time, so I just gave the housework a lick and a promise. (McGraw-Hill’s)

Example 2: Mary spent so much time on her history paper that she had to finish her math homework with a lick and a promise.
— ...работу по математике пришлось закончивать уже наспех, кое-как.

phone it in

phone it in AND fax it in (to do sth without making much effort) — халтурить, схалтурить в чем-л; выдавать халтуру; работать кое-как, не в полную силу, халтурно

sing from the same hymn sheet

sing from the same hymn sheet (be in agreement) — петь в один голос, подпевать друг другу; выражать полное единогласие / единодушие

often used in a political sense where politicians of the same party all agree on the same issues

[on the same page ]
[see eye to eye with sb]
[on the same wavelength]

on the same wavelength

on the same wavelength (in agreement) — в полном взаимопонимании; одинаково смотреть на вещи; понимать друг друга с полуслова

Example: Writing the screenplay was easy because Bill and I were on the same wavelength.

see also

on the same page

be on the same page (talk about the same issue; look at a problem or a situation in the same way and agree on a course of action ) — говорить об одном и том же; сходиться во взглядах

Bob’s your uncle

and Bob’s your uncle {UK} (and it's as simple as that) — и все дела; и делов-то; и дело в шляпе; проще некуда

take sb to the cleaner's

take sb to the cleaner's (to cheat someone of money; to steal all of sb’s money, etc., or to get it using a trick || to defeat sb completely) — обчистить; обобрать до нитки; обобрать

strike home

strike home and hit home

running on empty

be running on empty (to continue perfoming or functioning even though you have little energy or strength) — продолжать что-л., когда сил уже не осталось или силы на исходе; держаться из последних сил; продолжать, хотя непонятно, в чем душа держится (и как ноги носят)

Example 1: With all the demands from a full-time job and college, Lori has been running on empty for the past couple of months. I don't know how much longer she can continue this way.

all is grist that comes to the mill

all is grist that comes to the mill and all grist to the mill (something which brings profit or advantage to a person) — доброму вору все впору; всякое лыко в строку; все пригодится, ничем не побрезгует

Example: For a writer, human problems are all grist to the mill.

[all is fish that comes to his net]
[всякое лыко в строку]

out of the woods

be out of the woods {US} AND out of the wood{UK} (freed from a previous state of uncertainty or danger; no longer critical) — быть вне опасности; оставив трудности позади; выкарабкаться

Example 1: He's not out of the woods yet by a long shot. — Ему еще далеко до поправки. Опасность еще не миновала.

Example 2: Ann's business stopped losing money but she's not yet out of the woods. She still has a large debt to pay.— ... но она еще не выкарабкалась с долгами.


half-and-half (as much one thing as the other) — ни то, ни се; так себе; серединка на половинку

Example: Last night's TV show was neither good nor bad; just half-and-half. — Вчерашняя программа была так себе, серединка на половинку

see also
[run of the mill]
[nothing to write home about]
[no great shakes]
[as common as dirt]
nothing to quicken your pulse

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