to-do list

...оставлять/оставаться на второй год
....отличник, двоечник
....пересдача, пересдавать зачет/экзамен
...посещаемость, делать перекличку


Classroom English


Школьные предметы

Школьные предметы (приблизительные эквиваленты)
Домоводство / Труд
(уроки домоводства, уроки труда)
Domestic Science
Home Economics/ Home ec.
Family and Consumer Sciences
Design & Technology
(field of study that deals with the economics and management of the home and community including such topics as consumer education, institutional management, interior design, home furnishing, cleaning, handicrafts, sewing , clothing and textiles, cooking, nutrition, food preservation, hygiene , child development, managing money, and family relationships):


It can be argued that every child should be taught domestic science at school at some stage because this is a vital life skill.

Compulsory lessons in home economics would also help tackle Britain’s obesity crisis. “It needs to be put back (on the curriculum) so that people have a basic understanding of what we’re eating. It makes a huge difference,” said Mr Hollywood, who rose to national prominence in the successful BBC cooking programme. Ms Berry, known as the ‘Queen of Cakes', said that education in home economics is particularly important “as the country is obese”.

... Home economics is still taught as part of Key Stage 3 Design & Technology for 11 to 14 year olds but the chefs feel that it should be taught more widely.

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Why did they change the name from domestic science to home economics? What's in a name?

...History, social studies, civics, geography, art and music, and foreign language often are not the focus of high-stakes testing and so these courses have been abridged or dropped all across the nation. The loss of these courses was found to be greatest in minority communities.

to be cont-d игры, игрушки

to be cont-d

игры, игрушки для детей
a playground -- детская площадка
a jungle gym (a set of metal bars, usually in a playground or schoolyard, that kids can climb on)
play on a jungle gym

... When you were a kid, did you ever play on a jungle gym? Kids also often like to hang off the bars, by their hands or their legs. It can be fun to do that kind of thing for awhile, but eventually your arms or legs get tired, and you want to come down.

When you were a child, did you enjoy going to theme parks? Going on roller coasters and other rides can feel as daring and dangerous as doing stunts. Or were you scared of those rides? Did your friends make fun of you for being scared?

swings and roundabouts are both things to ride on that one might find in a children's playground, so that the child would have a choice as to which to get on. (We have these things in the US, too, but here, a "roundabout" is called a "merry-go-round.")
A 'roundabout' is a much simpler contraption than a merry-go-round or carousel. It is propelled by the force of a child or children pushing it and can be anything from a simple plastic disk you can sit on to a wood and metal contraption with seats.
A merry-go-round or carousel runs from an external power source and has all manner of horses, elephants, cars and aeroplanes which go up and down as the ride goes round.
...The garden offers a play space for kids with a jungle gym, swings, trampoline, and a Wendy-house, as well as a swimming pool for the warmer weather.

...Kids will be enthralled with a large playground, life-sized chess board, putt-putt, horse rides, swimming pool, and a games room with PlayStations, table tennis, a pool table.
...With a kid’s playground offering swings, slides, a tree-house, trampoline, and sandpit, the guest house is a child’s dream! There is also a dartboard and swimming pool with inflatable pool equipment.

...The kids play area consists of an exciting jungle gym with nets, swings, and a tree house. There is also a swimming pool and spa on site.

"(It's) swings and roundabouts" is a British English expression == > [swings and roundabouts]

a scavenger hunt

a game where you find or do items on a list
When I was in high school, we had a scavenger hunt, and one of the items we had to find was a menu from a Mexican restaraunt.

оставить на второй год,

оставить на второй год, остаться на второй год
to be retained in grade
to hold back (a year)
to be held back (a year)

..... Teachers may talk euphemistically of students being “held back,” but for parents and kids, it takes more than words to soften the blow of grade retention.
Should low-achieving kids be promoted or held back?
..... The decision to hold your child back a year is a difficult one—but trust your gut.
..... Students from low-income and minority-group backgrounds are more likely to be retained in grade, placed in a lower track, or put in special or remedial education programs when it is not necessary.

to repeat a grade/a year

.....Circumstances sometimes dictate that a student should repeat a grade: frequent relocation, excessive absences or long-term illness, for example, may have kept your kindergartener out of the instructional loop for a year. In cases like these, retention might be a reasonable solution—after all, your child probably didn’t get sufficient content instruction the first time around.
..... So what do you do when your child is faced with the possibility of repeating a year?

grade retention // retention in grade

..... At first glance, grade retention may look like old-fashioned common sense: Fail the year? Just do it over!
...Retention should be an option only when all other avenues have been exhausted—and federal law dictates that for a child with disabilities, there should be a variety of avenues.
..... Retention in grade, or flunking or leaving a student back, is almost always academically and emotionally harmful, not helpful.

перейти (в следующий класс, в школу)
advance into the next grade
to move up in grade
to promote sb (to the next grade)

get promoted (to the next grade)


BUD Mom, you're cooking!
PEGGY Well, it's not every year Kelly gets promoted to the next grade.
(Mv: Married with Children, 01-03)
..... students pass standardized exams to move up in grade or graduate from high school.
..... After a year of kindergarten, children move on to the first grade and then at the end of each school year move up to the next grade in numerical order. However, in some instances, highly academically-gifted students can be promoted beyond the next regular grade.
..... To me, the greatest educational cost of standardized testing is drop-out rates. Students who can't pass one test on one day, regardless of their performance in class, aren't allowed to move on to other grades or to graduate.
..... Test scores are used to bar students from moving from one grade to another.
..... Test scores are being used with increasing frequency to deny students promotion from one grade to another.
..... The idea that their child may not advance into the next grade can be overwhelming for parents.

перевести (в следующий класс)

…A high stakes test has consequences attached to the results. For example, students may be promoted to the next grade, graduate from high school, or be admitted to college based on their scores on standardized tests.

Schools use standardized tests to determine if children are ready for school, track them into instructional groups; decide whether to promote, retain in grade, or graduate many students.

зубрить, зубрежка


to be cont-d мелкие

to be cont-d

укачивать, менять пеленки, сажать на горшок -- проч
.....I miss holding them in my arms and rocking them to sleep every night. I mean I don't really miss getting up a lot and feeding them and changing their dippers but I miss having a little baby. I still have young kids but I miss them all being at home with me. I will always have the memories but it isn't the same. I miss the way they were when they were younger but I also love the way they are now.

to be cont-d

to be cont-d

Gentleman's C (a grade given

Gentleman's C (a grade given to a student (traditionally with wealthy parents) instead of a failing grade; passing grades given to an underachieving student of an influential family)
~ липовые тройки, липовые оценки;
~ оценки "за красивые глаза"

...Bobby didn't study at all the entire semester. However, he received a gentleman's C because his father donates lots of money to the college. (
Walden: "The duel guy," brilliant. You can ride that all the way to Yale.
Finn: Look, I know that, all right? I just blanked.
Walden (to Dana): Don't you know better than to study with this guy?
He's all about the Gentleman's "C"s.
Dana: He got an "A" on yesterday's quiz.
Walden: No kidding.
Dana: Yeah, I guess Gentleman's "C"s don't get you there anymore.
Not like in your day.
Walden: Well..Thank you for that wisdom, Dana.
Homeland, 204

Dana throws a pointed jab at the Vice President, regarding the unearned “Gentleman's Cs” () that she infers Walden received in his past. “He gets some of his own medicine,” concedes Sheridan. “She talks to him the way he talks to Finn.
The thought of future generations smirking at your gentleman's Cs (though, to be fair, Saarinen pulled some As, too) might send more than a ...