in the middle of nowhere

in the middle of nowhere

used about a place that you don't like because it is far away from any other towns, places, people, etc.

They live miles away, in the middle of nowhere.

богом забытое место
за тридевять земель
[у чёрта на куличках / на рогах]
куда Макар телят гонял
в глуши
в захолоустье
(в глубинке)


at the back of beyond
miles from nowhere
where the map ends
in the BFE

back country, backwoods, boondocks*, boonies*, bush, countryside, farmland, farms, forests, hinterland, outback, outdoors, province, sticks*, up country*, woodlands, woods

провинциальный, из провинции -- from the provinces
...Ben Fountain’s rise sounds like a familiar story: the young man from the provinces suddenly takes the literary world by storm.