Do we need a logo?

MY thought

Bird. How about bird? They collect grains like we collect idioms.

re logo

I'm afraid I don't have any offbeat ideas worth mentioning, so I would blindly go along with your suggestion whatever it might be.

I am at a loss.

I truly don't know if we need one. I wouldn't mind having one, though :) if it does convey the team spirit and the core of our research.

Well, a bird... Sounds ok, but we still have to take time and think if we are to have a sign of our own.


what about bee?

as busy as a bee? :) An inter

as busy as a bee? :) An interesting idea. Do you consider this site a honeycomb? :)

Probably, it suits our purpose. Better ask the others.

deleted messages

I posted 2 messages to this topic but they were deleted.

In first I have said that a bird just picks grains and eat them.
That's why I suggested the bee - it collects honey from different flowers (sources).

I was a bit queered - i call myself a drone, bcs I am lazy.

In the second I suggested different birds:
- a lark
- a swan
- a stork

the last one brings babies to its hosts.

garans, I swear to God,

I didn't delete anything!

Bee is a good idea bcs they work much (just like we do), they collect nectar and make honey - we're trying to make this resource 'sweet' to attract more 'bees' :) A bee be it!

Nah,nah,nah, no storks, pls. A swan is good for a heraldic sign (a bit heavyish) and larks are light-headed and flighty.

logo prototype

I've sent to you the logo prototype by mail.

This is not the finished picture but it may give you an idea.
This bee looks like a girl with big spectacles - that is my idea.

And again

my land.ru post box is out! I am sick and tired of it. Going to change to vivi@idioms.ru.

try this

try, try, try again

first time I put the empty picture unintentiously.

It looks like a helicopter!

:) I want a petite bee, minus glasses and styled to match this site's appearance. I'll consult a person who knows a thing or two about logos, she might come up with something. Then, I'll try it out here and you should give your thumbs up for the logo to stay :)

I am crying

She does not like my bee...

Don't cry.


It's only that it's too big and its style isn't what I exactly imagined when I was talking about a logo. We need a much simpler adapted image which fits here and becomes an emblem. Do not take offence - I'd rather you wrote books than drew things :)

Может, сова?

Может, сова?
Сова - мудрая птица. Тут есть пословицы и поговорки - воплощение мудрости.
Сова в основном бодрствует по ночам. Как мы.

ну да