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I'll confess I have been really slacking off during these past several days regarding the idiom project. I think this is mainly because I am very confused about where the priorities lay. Every time I think about what to do or where to begin, or what to tackle, I feel overwhelmed and scatter-brained. I tried taking over the adjectives, and just working on them, but then you posted somewhere saying that all of the other idioms didn't have examples, and that was what I should do first, so I started to do that, but then Garans said context chunks, as you call them, would be better than one-sentence examples...or at least that's what I got out of what he said, so I'm utterly confused at what to do.

Could you please lay out what I should be working on, in the correct order, and how you would like them done? I don't want you to think I have quit, because I haven't, but I'm the type of person who really needs a list of priorities, or I burn myself out. :)

Thank you for your other e-mail, by the way. It was very helpful.


Sam, you can tackle what you

Sam, you can tackle what you would like to. Of course, doing the adjectives is good but I originally printed them for fun; now Fenya has suggested that we make topic collections (e.g. clothes, colours, foods, etc). I am considering realising this idea - and I know it'll take a lot of time. So, relax, and try to enjoy what you are doing. What we are all doing.

You can start with the adjectives (writing a couple a day will suffice and save some fun for later!), then you can add a couple of idioms - and, what's more important - check our 'pearls of wisdom', esp. if they have no English equivalent. And sure thing, give examples for exisitng idioms, slowly and steadily. I don't want you to bear all the brunt, so do what you think fit! :)



you don't answer me?

New, I am not sure I understa

New, I am not sure I understand what you want. Do you want to take part in the project? Do you want to find a teacher? Or is it someone who's fooling around here under false pretences?

It is an idiom project whose description can be found


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Thank you. I want to find

Thank you.

I want to find people who speak English witn me.


Ok, to define your priorities: it's vital for us that you start with checking all Russian-English postings (they all are going to be tagged with the English equivalent for your better understanding) AND proofread them. Proofreading includes deciding wheather the Russian phrase is equal to the English one. I'll see to it that all Russian phrases have an explanation in English for you to decide. If it's OK, then you provide an example (you do it very well, thanks!) and probably cross-reference the entry to another one if it 'rings a bell' and invites an association. And we're very interested in your supply of contemporary idiom and phrase - young people's, professional, sports - you name it. If you have any questions, please ask. I'll do my best to answer them.