Re collocations (to garans)

There are quite a few methods in existence to build up your vocabulary and word locusts is one of them. How to form word locusts? You take a word, say, train, and write it in a circle. You add lines to the circle (to make it look like the sunrays) and write words at the end of these, eg:

miss(a) take(a)
\ /
/ \
catch(a) go by

Hope it helped. P.S.I don

Hope it helped.

P.S.I don't like discussing policies too much. Not now anyways - my head is full with the projects. You said you had some ideas to share. You're more than welcome! :)

It is interesting

How do you managed to put a picture here?

And the visual form of locust is interesting too.
I think you have bought quite a good thing (I mean - this site).

I am not sure about structure yet, but it has some features that give you advantages.

What about short sound clips or videoes?
I can sent you some of them.
If you allow I can make my money contributions to buy more space for them.

In fact collocations should be heard and repeated.

Widely used collocations are

Widely used collocations are found in combinatory dictionaries. But you can create your own word locusts and work on them, completing with new collocations you've heard/read or even asked guys from around here :)

Good luck!

In fact collocations should b

In fact collocations should be heard and repeated.

My point exactly. And where can you get a better chance to learn more than taking an active part in Idiom Project?

What about short sound clips or videoes?I can sent you some of them.
That would be wonderful! Why don't you publish a list of what you've got and we'll put our heads together to single out things that would be appropriate on this site?

If you allow I can make my money contributions to buy more space for them.
We'll see if the resource will require some investing. Then, I'll find means to raise funds. For the time being your time will suffice.

Re formatting. Do you know these little <pre> </pre> tags? They can work miracles! ;)

Collocations again

pay particular attention
put into practice
take into consideration

What do you mean they stick to a live discussion?

you are killing me :)

I meant that when people discuss something with passion the idioms come naturally.

May my interference be taken favourably

but I'd say 'a lively discussion' :)

And I have no intention to kill you!


The Penguin "Dictionary of English Idioms" is organised by main word principle, like the picture you gave in this thread.

The same goes about my dictionary of collocations.
I wonder if it is possible to make it in picture form.

Though I'm certain, those pictures are not always helpful, because of the different word power. For example "get" may produce a hundreds of collocations and many words can produce only 2-3 collocations.