An Idea

We could try out things we've collected so far. First of all I'd like people around here give me a hand in finding a good piece of writing rich in idioms and pithy quotes. Everyone can have a shot at translating and discussing the article. Then, all members are invited to contribute examples/situations for phrases that we haven't covered so far. Anyways, feel free to 'play with words' here - a rare occasion since you have Samantha and Milanya to ask!

And fulfilling this task, I a

And fulfilling this task, I am going to present some model translation here which deals with interpreting idioms. I have found a rather neutral article about secondary education in Great Britain.

TITLE:'LEARN WHAT YOU LIKE' SHAKE-UP - Школьная реформа: предметы по выбору

Secondary education is to be radically reformed with 'one size fits all' consigned to the scrap heap as pupils are given the freedon to chose their own learning path. - Среднее образование претерпит радикальные реформы. Принципы "уравниловки" будут выброшены на помойку, а ученикам предоставят свободу в выборе своего собственного пути к образованию.

...The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has removed the cap on the number of (A-level exam)re-sits allowed... - Комитет по образовательным стандартам и учебным программам снял все ограничения на переэкзаменовки.