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I have done a bit of window-dressing on the site to make it more convenient to use. If you don't feel the present site looks ok, please leave a message here.

Just to let you know, I think

Just to let you know, I think this site format looks heaps better than what it formerly looked like. Thank you for making it more convenient to use! :) I think it's great.



Now, the site has the alphabe

Now, the site has the alphabet order links to put you through to idioms you want to view - and almost instantaneously!

I have not accustomed to the site yet

At the first glance site looks too distractive, I mean it draws too much attention to appearance instead of content.

But, well, who knows. It has many good features.
For example - I can edit my messages.

And, well, all new things at first seem unnecessary.

Entry Model Grid

1) translation
example1 (context1)

2) translation
example2 (context2)

3) etc

cross-reference 1 (see also [])
cross-reference 2 (see also [])

usage frequency - normal; obsolete

Notes: if any

If you have a comment please feel free to discuss the Model Grid and offer your suggestions here!

to Fenya

Да, с нетерпением жду примера оформления идиомы по новому гриду - как-то мне трудно представить, как это выглядит во плоти. Я уж и так изо всех сил эксперементирую с тэгами, что с трудом мне дается, а тут - новые дела:-(( Жду показательного примера оформления.

Это пока пример модели, еще нуждается в одобрении прочих участников проекта. Я считаю, что речь о "приведении под один знаменатель" начинать рано, проект в стадии развития, но раз уж встал вопрос об оформлении...

С тэгами у вас все получается, просто не забывайте их закрывать:)


put your two cents (worth) in

nope, not a typo

it's good English :)

See here here


Google => 758 000 (two cents worth) : 3 860 (two cent's worth)