to Samantha

Can you edit your posts now?

No, I still do not see any op

No, I still do not see any option for me to edit my posts.

hm, you're now editorial boar

hm, you're now editorial board member and you certainly are supposed to be able to edit your own posts. Well, I'll keep on trying!

Sorry, nothing is to be done

Sorry, nothing is to be done at the moment. I think it requires programming, along with some features I'm planning to add. So, it's gonna take some time :(

That's alright! Thank you for

That's alright! Thank you for trying--you'll just have to edit my posts for now, O' Mighty Vivi. ;)

My mail portal is out :(

I have to post it here:

> Hello Vivi,
> Thank you so much for trying to get me to be able to
> edit my posts. I love what you've done with the site,
> too. Now I don't have to sift through all of the
> forums to find the recent posts.

I hope it'll help :)
> With the character traits, I am going to take it
> letter by letter, and I am going to post the narrative
> and conversational examples below the initial list,
> and then I am going to send you the similes (as cheeky
> as a monkey) to put beside the appropriate character
> trait---if this is all okay with you. :) Also, I'm
> posting A's tonight so please let me know if I did
> things how you wanted them to be done, and if you
> think it will be useful, etc.
Yes, it's in perfect order. It's I who should thank you, Samantha. You've been really of great help.
> Oh, and also, I've noticed a lot of new users have
> joined lately! Did you invite them, or did they
> randomly find the site? I am curious!

No, I didn't invite anyone personally. I just posted some samples at with a proposal for everyone to drop off hard-to-translate things with the prospect of compiling ' A Contemporary English-Russian/Russian-English Spoken Phrasebook and Idioms' (huh, I have just thought of the title!) and some people took interest.

Nice to hear from you!


P.S. What do you think, it would be better if we included English translations in the Russian titles (e.g. 'обдираловка - rip-off' as the title of a new forum)?

Hi Sam! Nice to see you!

Hi Sam! Nice to see you!

There are still so many idioms that aren't covered with examples. I think we should tackle them first, but I'll need your help of course!

Definitely! I hadn't realized

Definitely! I hadn't realized how many idioms were posted without examples or meanings. I worked some on it tonight, hopefully we'll get it all worked out soon, and can move on to getting more new stuff up! :)