Это слово можно отнести в разряд «просто интересных слов». Во многих словарях его нет, Лингво толкует его очень поверхностно (сленг - девушка), Апресян получше: груб. девка, баба. Но точнее всего будет англоязычное толкование.

Bint (بنت) is an Arabic word meaning 'girl' or 'daughter'. It is used in female Arabic names to denote a patronym. The term entered the British lexicon during the occupation of Egypt at the end of the nineteenth century and stems, adopted by British soldiers to mean 'girlfriend' or 'bit-on-the-side'. It is used as a derogatory slang word in the United Kingdom meaning woman or girl. Usage varies from the harsh 'bitch', to only a slightly derogatory, almost affectionate, term for a young woman. The latter being associated more with usage in the West Midlands. The term was used in British armed forces and the London area synonymously with (the slang meaning of) 'bird' (sometimes 'brass') from at least the 1950s. The term was also famously used in the classic film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail in a reference to the lady of the lake as a "moistened bint". (Wiki -

And some more from here:

bint is British slang for a woman or girl, but it is always disparaging and offensive and signals the user as lower class and unrefined. It’s also now rather dated.
The word is Arabic for a daughter, specifically one who has yet to bear a child. It was in common use as a slang term during the first and second World Wars among British and Allied servicemen stationed in Egypt and neighbouring countries.
Sir Richard Burton was the first person to use the word in English, in his Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah in 1855: “ ‘Allah! upon Allah! O daughter!’ cry the by-standers, when the obstinate bint of sixty years seizes their hands”.

Контекст, в котором слово встретилось:
Ya daft cow, it’s called “bla-bla-bla”, ya stupid bint.
Мужчина очень грубо говорит женщине, что она ничего не понимает в устройстве чего-то. Не думаю, что слово устаревшее. В urbandictionary оно тоже есть:


Daft bint