To Make New Year’s Resolutions

В тему праздников вспомнилось. “On New Year’s Day (1 January) people make New Year’s resolutions. They decide to do something to improve their lives. For example, people decide to give up smoking or go to the gym once a week”.
~ новогодний зарок, новогоднее обещание самому себе.

Happy New Year, guys! :-)

Ещё пример встретился, когда

Ещё пример встретился, когда читала про Web 2.0:

I'm not even going to say that one of my New Year's resolutions is to start blogging regularly again, as I think I said that last year (and it didn't work out - probably because I was so busy elsewhere). This year, however...well, this year it'll be a different story...

So, wondering how to start the year off, I was going to post more resolutions, but Lindsay Clandfield asked me if I'd write six New Year Web 2 Resolutions for his blog, so I needed something else.