Reading - It's Interesting!

Graham DaviesMay (from The Eucation Forum)
I probably read more often from the screen these days than I read from books, and I guess this applies to most of the male nerds out there. I tend, however, to read lots of short chunks of text rather than longer texts, say, of five A4 pages or more, which I would print out in order to read them in comfort. I always take a book with me on a train journey or on a long flight.

Web guru Jakob Nielsen writes:

"Reading from computer screens is about 25% slower than reading from paper. Even users who don't know this human factors research usually say that they feel unpleasant when reading online text."
Be Succinct! Writing for the Web, Alertbox for March 15, 1997:

It was interesting to read the story in The Times (29 November 2000, p. 9) headed King leaves Internet readers in suspense. Stephen King decided not to complete his Internet novel The Plant because - according to King - "it failed to grab the attention of readers on the Web". King found that a surprisingly high proportion of the readers accessing his site (75%-80%) made the "honesty payment" for being allowed to download chapters: "But", he said, "there are a lot fewer of them coming. Online people have the attention span of a grasshopper." The article points out "that digital publishing has a bleak future because it is an unattractive medium for reading long texts and it is difficult to stop breach of copyright". See:


let the finished product of our effords be a paper book.

Well, now that digital gadget

Well, now that digital gadgets are mushrooming I don’t see any reason against reading from the screen. On the contrary, it has some advantages. For instance, I can read a book to my sonny who is getting to sleep without switching on the light, and when he is almost asleep I can start reading smth that interests me with one press of a button of my palm reader.