I do not know

I do not know how to attract English speakers to this site. Where I live native English speakers do not speak any Russian(and there are very few Russian immigrants).
People like Chaika, on the other hand, should not have any problems with this exchange. If their Russian is half as good as your English, they will not have any difficulties with understanding.
I will try to include examples with my posts of proverbs and idioms.

Attracting people here

is no problem :) The problem lies in their inability to understand what we discuss if we carry our conversation in Russian. Perhaps, we could discuss all the idioms we're interested in in English (Eng-Rus forum) and then safely transfer ready-to-use equivalents to the other part, with the translation(s) to boot.
What do you think of this plan?

I am all for it

Russian virtual keyboard is such a bother.
Attracting people here is no problem :)?! I think, we can inform people visiting sites for Russian learners about this site.