"Hit" expressions

Phrasal Verbs:
hit on (Slang )
To pay unsolicited and usually unwanted sexual attention to: can't go into a bar lately without being hit on.

hit up (Slang)
To approach and ask (someone) for something, especially for money: tried to hit me up for a loan.

hit it big
To be successful: investors who hit it big on the stock market.

hit it off
To get along well together.

hit the books
To study, especially with concentrated effort.

hit the bottle/booze/sauce
To engage in drinking alcoholic beverages.

hit the bricks
To go on strike.

hit the fan
To have serious, usually adverse consequences.

hit the ground running
To begin a venture with great energy, involvement, and competence.

hit the hay/sack
To go to bed: hit the hay well before midnight.

hit the high points/spots
To direct attention to the most important points or places.

hit the jackpot
To become highly and unexpectedly successful, especially to win a great deal of money.

hit the nail on the head
To be absolutely right.

hit the road (to set out, as on a trip; leave; go; start traveling;to get going)

......Let's hit the road. I want to be there before the sun goes down.
........ It did happen very fast, but we’re just going to hit the road and see where it takes us.

hit the roof/ceiling
To express anger, especially vehemently.

hit the spot
To give total or desired satisfaction, as food or drink.

TO HIT + n — to arrive or appear at, in, or on; reach, make, attain, arrive at; reach a destination, either real or abstract;

It's informal, it is AE, and it is very common. To "hit" figuratively means to "go to." For example "hitting the links" can mean to go play golf, hit the party can mean to attend the party, to hit town is to arrive at a town (or to spend time in the town).

To hit the store suggests a quick visit to a store.
...Let's hit the stores this afternoon before the crowd gets there
...Plan a sit-down meal at home with family. This kind of planning will help you when you hit the grocery store to shop for food.

hit the gym (work out, exercise at a gym; go to the gym)
"I hit the gym" is slang, whereas "I go/went to the gym" is more formal.
Usually you could use either one, but if you are at a formal event, or you are writing something formally (eg CV, essays, letter, etc) you would use the second option.

hit the shower
....I do push-ups before I hit the shower


for hit the nail on the head see [попасть в самую точку]

Also see [hit the ground running]