Why do you MB?

Why do you MB?

I do some MessageBoarding whan I am too tired to think. Sometimes when I am bored (a very rare occasion). If I have nothing to say I read. I used to find answers to each and every question asked. Now I don't have time to follow just everything and I pick things out of the selection. I like intricate grammar questions but they don't come my way too often.

Message board

Is more interesting for me than the main database.

I like to exchange opinions more than to collect examples.
Though I understand Vivi.
More than that I suggested one person some monthes ago to write a book on idioms (N.Belinskaya) but she refused.

Now Vivi wants to write a book and I have not much wish.

This is the rule of the nature - when you have wish you have no possibility and another way around. :) (Remember Caucas captive?)


if someone refuses you might look somewhere else. There are plenty more fish in the sea, you know. And, I think that it's professional business, smth that guides you through your life. Too many people drop out or give up before they have smth to show for it due to difficulties professional people are used to braving. Writing a book is not a piece of pie. I suggest everyone drink his own cup of tea and fry his own eggs :)