a yes-man (someone who always agrees with everything their boss or leader says in order to please them; someone who always agrees with people in authority; a person of unquestioning obedience) — подпевала, холуй

Example 2: You are too much of a yes-man at work, Todd. The boss could tell you to shine his shoes and you would say "Yes, Sir". You need to stand up for yourself sometimes.

Example 2: He denies that he's simply a yes man, and insists he'll be making major changes to the way the club is run. (

a people-pleaser

...It can be very scary to operate from a place of what you want, especially when you’re a people-pleaser like me.

Related vocabulary:
[kiss up to sb]
[play up to sb]
[butter sb up]
[bow and scrape]

shine up to,
suck up to,
lay it on (thick) with a trowel

[ходить на задних лапках]
[wait on sb hand and foot]
[dance attendance on sb]
[walk on eggshells]
[плясать под дудку]