wreak havoc

wreak / cry / make / play havoc (with) — разрушать; производить беспорядок, опустошение; разгромить, сорвать что-л.; нанести тяжёлый удар (от уст. воен. дать сигнал к резне, мародёрству; этим. ст.-фр. crier)

What if Nephilim were real, and their descendants are still among us, still wreaking havoc? (Mephisto Club)

The point is not that my life is one long golden summer which I am simply too self-absorbed to appreciate (although it might be, of course, and I am simply too self-absorbed to appreciate it), but that happy moments are possible, and while happy moments are possible I have no right to demand anything more for myself, given the havoc that would be wrought. (Nick Hornby, “How to be good”)

Words are extremely powerful, but unharnessed they can be deadly. Undirected words run amuck and wreak havoc everywhere. (Say It Right the First Time)

play hell with