work out all the bugs

work out all the bugs (to remedy all the problems) — подчистить, исправить все неполадки / недоделки; довести до ума.

Example: My new invention is almost ready. I just need a few more hours to work out all the bugs. — ...Мне нужно только несколько часов, чтобы довести его до ума.

iron out the kinks AND work out the kinks (to get rid of any problems that you are having with the way that you are doing something)

Example 1: We need to iron out the kinks in the new system.

Example 2: The team was still trying to iron out the kinks in their game in the last quarter. (CID)

get the kinks (ironed) out (to fix a problem associated with something)

Example 1: The actors had to get the kinks out before they were ready to present the play to an audience. (

Example 2: That'll be a right nice car, when you get the kinks ironed out in the engine. (

Related vocabulary:

to tweak {infml} (to make small changes to a machine, vehicle, or system in order to improve the way it works; to change something slightly, especially in order to make it more correct, effective or suitable; adjust) — чуть-чуть подправить; отладить, усовершенствовать

If you tweak something such as a system or a design, you improve it by making a slight change.

Example 1: He expects the system to get even better as the engineers tweak its performance.

Example 2: The software is pretty much there - it just needs a little tweaking. (

Example 3: You just need to tweak the last paragraph and then it's done. Maybe you should tweak a few sentences before you send in the report.

Example 4: I think you'll have to tweak these figures a little before you show them to the boss. (OALD)

Example 5: Writers and producers kept tweaking the script even as the movie was being shot.

Tweak is also a noun (usu. countable).
a tweak (a slight change that you make to a machine, system, etc. to improve it)

Example 1: With a few tweaks this venue will be perfect. (OALD)

Example 2: The camera has undergone only two minor tweaks since its introduction.

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