word of mouth

word of mouth (something heard from someone else) — устные отзывы; огласка; слух, слухи; молва; ≈ сарафанное радио

Example 1: What if word of mouth gets out that we went there, were a bunch of cheapskates, and didn’t buy anything? (englishbaby.com)

Example 2: Remember, restaurant word of mouth needs not only a great story, but the right people to share it in the right way in order for it to go viral. This can’t always be planned, and you never know who your customers are, so be sure you are providing the best experience possible with a personal touch for everyone. Your restaurant word of mouth story could go viral.

positive word of mouth — хвалебные отзывы
negative word of mouth — плохие, ругательные отзывы; негативная информация
There has been a lot of recent negative word of mouth around... — часто ругают...

Example 1: Positive word of mouth will help improve their reputation.
Example 2: Negative word of mouth happens to everyone. In fact, right now, people are talking bad about you and your stuff — and that’s OK, because negative word of mouth is an opportunity to earn new fans.

by word of mouth and through word of mouth
(orally, from person to person by the spoken word) — по устной рекомендации, по слухам, со слов других людей

Example 1:I learned that there would be a holiday next week by word of mouth. — ...узнал от людей/со слов других людей (=heard it on the grapevine)
Example 2: He never advertises. He gets all his clients by word of mouth. — ... все клиенты приходят к нему по устной рекомендации других людей.
Example 3: I found out through word of mouth that my boyfriend has another girlfriend.

[by hearsay]
[сарафанное радио ]
[on the grapevine]
[из уст в уста]


радиостанция ОБС (одна баба

радиостанция ОБС (одна баба сказала)