wonders never cease

Wonders (will) never cease! and Will wonders never cease! (= What an amazing thing has happened! What a surprise!) — Чудеса, да и только! Каких только чудес не бывает! Где бы это записать... Остается только диву даваться.... Остается только удивляться... Не перестаешь удивляться... (ironically)
Unusual occurrences often happen; it is not surprising to be surprised; or conversely, in a derogative sense, it is not surprising to see how stupid people can be.

Example 1: Jane's on time? Wonders will never cease.

Example 2:
Fred: Hi, honey. I cleaned the kitchen for you. Ellen: Wonders never cease! (CIDI)

Example 3:
Jill: Did you hear? The company is allowing us to take a holiday tomorrow.
Jane: Wonders never cease!

Example 4: Not only was my plane on time, the airline also delivered my luggage safely. Will wonders never cease?

Example 5: A generation ago no one would ever have imagined that science would be able to clone human embryos. Wonders never cease. (DH)

Said when something very surprising happens. Somewhat ironic; can imply that the surprising thing should have happened before, but did not.)

This expression is generally used ironically.

[one for the book]
[чудес не бывает]