win some, lose some

You win some, you lose some. AND You win a few, you lose a few. {Cliché} (=You cannot always succeed. Something that you say which means it is not possible to succeed at everything you do)— ~ ничего страшного — и на старуху бывает проруха; не везет в одном, повезет в другом

Example 1: Obviously I would have liked first prize but you win some, you lose some. (CIDI)

Example 2: The coach was philosophical about our being shut out, saying “Win some, lose some.” (

You can say this when you have not succeeded, to show that you are not discouraged.)
This expression, generally uttered about a loss, originated in the early 1900s among gamblers who bet on sporting events. A variant, win some, lose some, some rained out, suggests that the idiom comes from baseball. (

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