whole nine yards

The whole nine yards means "completely, the whole, everything"; a complete job, quality, without cutting corners, e.g.:

Example 1: I was mugged. They took my wallet, my keys, my shoes, my cat — the whole nine yards!" (wikipedia) — ...все подчистую

Example 2: My new car has air conditioning, power windows, power locks, the whole nine yards. — ...все тридцать три удовольствия

Example 3: Altho I have stayed in some hotels that have had the whole nine yards of amenities, I have never taken advantage of all those bells and whistles. (chaika)

go the whole nine yards — to go to the limit.

Example: You should have seen how she decorated the house for the party. She went the whole nine yards. — Ты бы только видел, как она украсила дом к вечеру. Лучше просто и быть не могло — сделала все, что только можно, по высшему разряду.


все, ну просто все подчистую (если забирают);
все тридцать три удовольствия (если предоставляют - ирон.)
все, что только можно
все, что душе угодно (ирон.)
по высшему разряду (контекст.)

[full monty]
[you name it]
If you book with this hotel, you’ll get free meal, swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, the best in dining, entertainment, and casino gambling" - you name it.

the works {plural} {informal} everything

I want a pizza with the works: pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and anchovies. (OALD)