whatever floats your boat

Whatever floats your boat (although you don't quite agree with the other person, it's their choice, and you think they should do whatever makes them happy; whatever arouses their interest is fine by you) — да на здоровье; чем бы дитя ни тешилось...; ну, если уж вам так нравится....

Example 1: You're going to spend your honeymoon in Moscow? — Well, whatever floats your boat! — Ну, вольному воля... Чем бы дитя ни тешилось, лишь бы не плакало..

Example 2 :"I don't like sushi, but hey, whatever floats your boat."

Other phrases with this meaning are:
To each his own
Whatever trips your trigger
Whatever turns you on
Hey, if it works for you
Whatever trips your trigger

Each of them means that one person’s likes are very different than another person’s/ but they