weather the storm

weather the storm AND ride (out) the storm (to survive a difficult situation) — выстоять, выдержать; преодолеть трудности, испытания, невзгоды; преодолеть жизненные бури {букв. мор. выдержать шторм (о корабле)}

...Luckily, even the worst storms eventually pass. You just have to be strong and try to get through them. In the same way, when you weather the storm in your life, you do your best to get through a difficult situation. For example, you might get very stressed because you have a lot of work to do for school or your job. You have to stay focused and do your best to get through it, or weather the storm. (

Example 1: There have been highs and lows, but we've weathered the storm.

Example 2: Break ups are hard, but you have to try to weather the storm. (

Example 3: After my dad lost his job, we all worked hard to weather the storm as a family. (

Example 4: I’m sure we’ll be able to weather the storm if we stick together. (

Example 5: The economic crisis is expected to last until the end of the year. We'll all have to weather the storm until the economy gets better.

Example 6: New England and the Mid-Atlantic area are mired in various degrees of slumps. Even the once-mighty California market has begun to crack. But Ryland seems to be weathering the storm. The company, which built 9,215 houses nationwide last year and is the nation's second-biggest home builder, is reaping the benefits of years of conservative management and careful diversification. (Washington Post, Ryland Builds On Long-Term Growth Goals, 1990)

Synonyms and related words:
be safe, be unflappable, beat the game, beat the system, bounce back,
come around, come back, come round, come through, come to, come up fighting, come up smiling,
get about, get home free, get over, get well,
hold fast, hold out, hold up, keep safe, live through,
make a comeback, (not) make heavy weather,
not budge, outride, persevere, pull round, pull through,
rally, recover, remain firm, revive, ride, ride it out, ride out,
stand fast, stand firm, stand pat, stay put, stick it out, survive,
tide over, triumph, weather, weather out, win out, win through