walk the walk

walk the walk (do what you say; live up to the values you preach; practice what you preach) — подтверждать/подкреплять свои слова делом; переходить от слов к делу; действовать, а не болтать
walk it like you talk it
walk the talk

A lot of things are easier to talk about than to do. For instance, it’s much easier to tell people they ought to get some exercise than it is to actually go for a run every day. If you know someone who does more talking about running than running, you could say, “Hey, man, you talk the talk, but you gotta walk the walk.” An employer could say the same to an employee who says he likes his job but always arrives late and hung over. (englishbaby.com)

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practice what you preach
If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk.
Walk it like you talk it.