vim and vigor

vim and vigor (vitality, energy; enthusiasm; ebullient vitality and energy; moxie) — жизненные силы, тонус, кипучая энергия

If you have vim and vigor, you have lots of energy and enthusiasm for life, as in He seemed full of vim and vigor after the work-out..

full of vim and vigor — полный жизненных сил, полный сил и энергии, полный энтузиазма и решимости (варианты выбираем по контексту)

with vim and vigor — напористо и энергично; с энтузиазмом

Example 1: Our grandmother is always full of vim and vigor when we go to visit her. (

Example 2: Show more vim and vigor! Let us know you're alive. (Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears)

Example 3: If you want to have lots of vim and vigor when you get older, you need to eat good food and get plenty of exercise when you're young.(

Example 4: Politicians are advised to act as if they are full of vim and vigor so that voters will think they are healthy enough to lead the country. (

This redundant expression uses both vim and vigor (a healthy capacity for vigorous activity) in the sense of "energy" or "strength."

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