two of a kind

two of a kind (people or things of the same type or that are similar in character, attitude, etc. ) — два сапога пара; одного поля ягода; одним миром мазаны; имеют много общего

Example 1: The boys are two of a kind — they're both true hiking enthusiasts and they love to spend time together.

Example 2: My father and my uncle are two of a kind. They're both ambitious.

Example 3: She hurried on, "So I have a couple of hours to myself." Patrick Kelly heard the underlying loneliness in her voice and knew instinctively that they were two of a kind . Loners who worked and worked, and at the end of the day had nothing except their families. And when the families were no more, they had nothing at all to show for their efforts. (The ladykiller. Cole, Martina)

[одного поля ягоды]
[рыбак рыбака видит издалека]
[it takes one to know one]
[birds of a feather]